The Massey Ferguson 1035 DI is a 36-horsepower tractor that is known for its powerful engine and stylish design. It is a popular choice for farmers who need a versatile and reliable tractor for a variety of tasks. The 1035 DI is powered by a 3-cylinder engine that produces 36 horsepower. This engine is known for its fuel efficiency and durability. The tractor also has a comfortable steering wheel and a spacious cabin, making it a pleasure to operate. One of the most notable features of the 1035 DI is its hydraulic lift system. This system allows the tractor to lift and lower heavy implements with ease. The 1035 DI also has a variety of other features that make it a versatile tractor, including a power take-off (PTO) shaft, a three-point hitch, and a drawbar. The Massey Ferguson 1035 Price is Rs. 5.65 - 6.05 Lakh. This makes it a relatively affordable option for farmers who are looking for a powerful and versatile tractor.