Market Overview

The Wind Turbine Pitch Systems market size is predicted to reach around USD 1.59 billion within the present forecast years. As of current observation for the market, the growth rate is at 3.03% CAGR for the present forecast years. It might increase over the course of time, depending upon the rising scale of demands.

Pitch control systems for wind turbines are technological advancements that are used to operate and control the blade angles with a turbine. It is a system generally made up of gears or electrical motors. Some of the Pitch systems of a wind turbine are also made up of hydraulic cylinders embedded with a power supply system.

As the demand for electricity generation is high for wind energy, the need for wind turbines is escalating at a rapid pace. Therefore, there are many government investments in renewable energy projects on priority. Therefore, the wind turbine pitch system market is associated with electricity generation through wind turbines, also picking up substantial growth.

Sustainable electricity generation is somehow the future of using and conserving energy. Therefore, the key players are destined to evolve the existing technologies. They intend to determine the new potential of Pitch systems to promote the growth rate of this market. The wind turbine pitch system is considered a closed-loop drive system.

The main controller of the turbine is responsible for calculating the necessary pitch angle from several conditions such as generator speed, wind speed and power production. Based upon that, the requirement of pitch angle is then transferred to that of the pitch system as the set point.

If the actual angle of turbine blades is not the same as that of the setpoint, then the system will direct power to that of a fluid or electric motor. It sends a signal to the actuator for moving the blade at the necessary angle to meet the set point. Hence, this is the working of Pitch Systems that the key players and the end-users have understood and adapted to this market's existence.

The report focuses on the growth potential of this market and its utilization. The market segmentation of wind turbine pitch systems explains the breakdown of elements that are accountable to form the complete industry or market.

Key Players:

·         KEB Automation

·         Dongfang Electronic Corporation

·         KK Wind Solutions

·         Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy, S.A.

·         General Electric

·         Vestas

·         Windurance

·         Eaton

·         Bosch Rexroth AG

·         Fritz Schur Energy

·         Hydratech Industries

·         KEBA

·         Nidec Industrial Solutions

Market Segmentation

Different product types are categorized under the wind turbine pitch systems market for supporting diverse applications. The different pitch system products are pitch motors, pitch pumps, pitch valves, remote terminal software, etc.

The application potential of all of these wind turbine pitch system products is based upon onshore and offshore modes. The onshore application segment has been recorded to have generated the largest market share. On the other hand, the offshore segment has been recorded with the highest CAGR during the present forecast years due to the rise in the implementation of offshore wind turbines.

Regional Analysis

The Pitch control technology market is highly responsive across various regions of the world, such as North America, Asia-Pacific and Europe. Asia-Pacific holds the largest market share of the entire wind turbine pitch systems market. It is because of the rise in the adoption of onshore wind equipment within the region.

Industry News

Siemens AG is one of the most reputed key players in this industry. They have recently received a big project or order from Czech Railways for service and locomotives.

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