Battery slot: I love a rugged battery slot, but the battery is a little too hard to get in, especially with the antenna in, it can be a pain. It is almost exclusively a two-hand job.

Lemo 2-pin or screw DC instead of proprietary (and in general): Too many proprietary cables. I guess 2 pin Lemo cables can be expensive, but DC cables, are cheap and lockable. I would much prefer to have easily accessible cables. Therefore, I bought an extra 5-pin Lemo to D-Tap just to be sure.

Fans are too loud: We are in our winter season here, so I haven’t tested in the scorching sun, but we’ve used it on a couple of warm days. In general, the fan is always on Low, and we’ve never had an overheating problem. I don’t know if it will, but if it does it can be problematic. The little fan in there is a tiny jet engine. Far too loud to be used in an interview, even on medium.

Locating pins: I am really glad they implemented an anti-rotation measure. However, I think universally and especially in higher-end sets, the Arri locating pins is far more common.


The people at PortKeys have been pushing out firmware releases constantly for this External Camera Screen. They are a great improvement for the monitor and they show that the company cares about the product. Their most recent update added gesture zooming directly on the screen. It’s things like this that make me confident in supporting a company. There most recent update was only a couple of weeks ago, and it’s a monitor that has been out for more than half a year.


When I pack my bag, I want to feel like the tools I take with me, work for me and not the other way around. The PortKeys BM5 WR has blown me away on being a great balance for almost any use case and its unique offering of wireless control is something that makes it hard to look back at other monitors. As with any technology in our industry, there are always trade-offs. I think that with the Camera Monitor you are getting the best bang for your buck. If you are looking for solid build quality, great color, wireless control, exceptional brightness, and a lightweight 5.5-inch monitor. Look no further.