Is an event really an event without entertainment? Even family get-togethers often include a storyteller or a funny relative who keeps everyone entertained. While keeping guests entertained is likely a top priority for your corporate event, there are additional benefits to hiring quality entertainment.

First, if you choose a performer or act that has name recognition or evokes excitement in your attendees, you’ll build buzz before the event even starts. Even if your budget doesn’t allow for a big name entertainer, if you market correctly and hype up this element of your event, you’ll have your attendees’ attention.

Next, if you choose the right entertainment, it can reinforce your vision or brand. It bears repeating (and we repeat it often because it’s so important) that outlining the goal for your event gives every single element (from swag bags and speakers to venue and entertainment) purpose and direction. Consider what your message is and what kind/style of entertainment would best fit your brand, message, and purpose. A performer who doesn’t strike the right note (pardon the pun) can leave your guests with a negative impression.

Finally, one of the goals of your corporate event is to influence your guests, leaving a lasting impression they’ll talk about for weeks after. The word of mouth buzz from show-stopping entertainment can be invaluable.


Planning a successful event involves hiring the best of everything: caterers, organizers, decorations, and most importantly, the entertainment. While the venue may be stunning and the food may be delicious, your guests won’t have a reason to stick around unless there’s something to look forward to—which is where entertainment saves the day.

Canvassing the right entertainment options can seem incredibly challenging. It may be tempting to use a playlist the entire time, but while that may add to your event’s ambiance, it won’t be compelling enough for your guests to stay. You may also feel inclined to hire the first act you find just to put the matter behind you, but the event’s entertainment will ultimately spell the difference between guests slipping out early or demanding an encore. Here are three tips to keep in mind when hiring entertainment for your event:

1. Stick to the Theme

Before you start trawling the Internet for possible entertainment picks and book an artist for a party in Texas, you’ll need to decide on the kind of band or act you want to hire. Think about the entertainment that will work best for your venue and your guests. You wouldn’t want a rock and roll band to excite a crowd at a fancy dress party, after all.

Your attendees will ultimately determine the best entertainment for the event, so think about their tastes, preferences, ages, and expectations. If they’re all in their 30s, then you can consider hiring a band that specializes in 80s and 90s classics. Otherwise, you may end up alienating them by focusing on all the latest music that’s been making waves on TikTok. 

Most evening events benefit from professional live bands who know how to entertain diverse crowds. They also have an incredibly expansive repertoire, which means they can perform just about any song request. 


2. Consider Event Bands

Some people may cringe at the thought of hiring event bands because of the old stereotypes of function bands in sequined suits. However, the event band industry is rapidly growing, as it also draws in promising young musicians with burgeoning careers. Who knows—you might be booking the next big thing!

Another significant part of hiring event bands is that the competition has become remarkably stiff, which means you won’t have trouble finding musicians who offer something unique. You also won’t have difficulty finding ones who can stick to a particular genre, whether it’s folk, jazz, or New Orleans style brass. 

3. Hire an Event Booking Agency

If that sounds all doable to you, but you still don’t know where to start, then you should consider hiring an event booking agency! These professionals are experts in finding the right acts to match your event, saving you hours from seemingly endless searches on Google. They’re well-connected to performers who arrive on time, conduct themselves professionally and woo the crowd wonderfully. 


Working with a live entertainment agency in Texas means that you’ll have access to experts who know the best way to plan your event and entertain your attendees. They’re seasoned professionals in both the event booking and live entertainment industries, which means they’ll know where the best venues are, where to get concert sound equipment, and whom to hire. They also maintain a steady communication line, ensuring they answer every single question you ask.