Ad's On Penposh.

Ads can be placed on penposh network either by users or by the network's administrator the two ways are effective,efficient and potent ways users/advertisers can reach their audiences in a matter of minutes.

Below are steps you need to follow when placing ads or running campaigns on the network from any where at anytime in the world.

Users ads: By your left hand side click to open and then scroll down you will see ads manager click on it and follow the instructions. The process enlisted below are the procedure you will follow to get your ads running on the site.

1. New Campaign: your campaign that you want to run on the network.

2. Campaign Details: what are the informations you want to pass to your audience? add it.

3. Campaign Title : Give your ads a campaign a title. This is very important for you.

4. Set a title for your campaign: same as above.
5. Campaign Start Date: you need to put a date."Set Campaign start datetime (UTC)Campaign End Date Set Campaign end datetime (UTC)"
6. Campaign Budget $0.00 Set a budget for your campaign, campaign will be paused if reached its limit
6. Campaign Bidding : What are you willing to offer in this campaign? How much are you willing to pay for clicks, impressions, conversions, views, or engagements? depending on your campaign type. You determine what you are willing to pay per every bidding actions.

7. Target Audience : Determine your target Audience, this is very key. Who are the targets? Make sure you mapped them out and follow the plan this would help you to reach your ads goals effectii.

8. Audience Country : Determine the audience country. Which country or countries are you targeting? List it and follow the plan accordingly.

9. Audience Gender : what gender are you looking? Male or female or both? Map it out and follow the plan.

10. Audience Relationship : You determine the highest amount you are willing to pay for every bidding actions

11. Ads Details: Give details of your ads,let your target audience get concise information about your ads

12. Ads Title : Set a title for your ads
13. Ads Description : Set a description for your ads (maximum 200 characters)

14. You can advertise for a URL or one of your pages, groups or events
15. Target URL : Enter your URL you want to advertise for Ads Placement 
16. Ads Image: Add the ads image. The image of your ads, supported formats (JPG, PNG, GIFGIF)
17. Publish your ad.
     That's All !
For more information on our advertising system please contact the marketing department at [email protected]
Thank you.