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  • Auto Upgrades
    This Infographic is designed by Auto Upgrades. At Auto Upgrades, we can tune your car, so it delivers the levels of performance you want. This includes if you want more power and torque or if you want better responsiveness when you press the accelerator. We also offer eco tuning to reduce your car's fuel consumption and save you money. All our car tuning services are delivered by our...
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  • Character Builders
    This Infographic is designed by Character Builders. Over the years our projects have ranged from the small ongoing maintenance and repair needs of homeowners, to large scale additions and alterations, and to brand new homes. Whilst our marketing focus has always been with conventional and traditional NZ homes, this also naturally translates to a wide range of skills applicable to all types of...
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  • Canterbury Builders
    This Infographic is designed by Canterbury Builders. We had high expectations for our renovation project and particular ideas about how we wanted the end result to look. With the work now finished, we’re really pleased with the quality of the job you’ve done. We encountered a number of unexpected problems along the way (flooding in the subfloor area, rot in some of the framing,...
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  • New Zealand Lifestyle Imports
    This Infographic is designed by New Zealand Lifestyle Imports. At Canterbury Builders, we strive every day to maintain our position as one of the leading building companies in Christchurch. Each member of our team is skilled and experienced, plus we have high-quality standards and effective processes that ensure the building work we complete not only meets your expectations but exceeds them....
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  • Paradise Painting Services
    This Infographic is designed by Paradise Painting Services. Our large team has a reputation for quality workmanship, reliability, and professionalism as independently supported by over 70 clients who have critiqued our standards from www.nocowboys.co.nz. We also offer competitive prices on all painting projects in the Wellington area. We are a Registered Master Painter and a Dulux Accredited...
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  • Stone Landscapes
    This Infographic is designed by Stone Landscapes. Stone Landscapes Ltd has been in operation for over 2 years, having previously traded as Ken Lomax Landscaping which provided the same services for over 25 years. Our clients choose us because of the excellence of our workmanship and quality of service we provide. We are professional and reliable at all times. Our small friendly team are also...
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  • Comfort Group NZ Ltd
    This Infographic is designed by Comfort Group NZ Ltd. Comfort Group NZ Ltd is a provider of full and complete Commercial & Domestic Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning Systems, along with Commercial Refrigeration and Automotive Air Conditioning. We offer an integrated range of technical services for Mechanical and Ventilation Systems, from advice and design through to installation,...
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  • JCC Build
    This Infographic is designed by JCC Build. At JCC Build, we customise our building services to meet the needs of our customers. We can build your new home the way you have envisioned it. You may supply your own architectural plans, or we can work with one of our preferred designers. We price the job and work with you to finalise the scope of work before the work begins on-site. We manage all...
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