The Sonalika 750 stands as a reliable ally for Indian farmers, a steadfast companion that aids in overcoming the challenges of agricultural endeavors. Its powerful combination of efficiency and affordability has earned the trust and respect of numerous cultivators nationwide. The Sonalika 750 strikes a perfect balance, recognizing the crucial interplay between power, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness. Its advanced fuel injection technology ensures optimal utilization of diesel, maximizing output and minimizing operating costs to the satisfaction of farmers. This fuel-efficient quality allows farmers to extract more profit from every harvest, establishing it as a valuable investment for the future. The smooth gear transmission facilitates effortless shifting, and the adjustable steering wheel enables operators to find the perfect driving position for enhanced comfort. Sonalika 750 Price is Rs. 7.45 - 7.90 Lakh* in India. If you are in search of a trustworthy companion in the field, the Sonalika 750 is ready to stand by your side.