Enhance your farming endeavors with the John Deere 5105, a 40 HP powerhouse renowned for its outstanding performance and innovative design. Priced competitively between Rs. 6.50 Lakh* to 7.20 Lakh*, this tractor emerged as a top seller in 2024, serving diverse economic sectors. The John Deere 5105's robust engine ensures uninterrupted operation for extended hours, establishing it as a reliable choice for a wide range of tasks within its 40 HP class. Equipped with 4WD and a spacious 1970 mm wheelbase, this tractor delivers exceptional support on the field. Its impressive lifting capacity of 1600 Kg enhances functionality, enabling heavy-duty operations not just on the farm but also during transportation and construction activities. The 3-cylinder engine, designed for ample friction, endows the John Deere 5105 with versatility for various applications, including goods transportation. Featuring a substantial 60-liter fuel tank capacity, this tractor ensures uninterrupted fieldwork. The Single/Dual Clutch mechanism facilitates efficient power transmission, while the Dry Type Dual Element air filter guarantees clean airflow for optimal engine performance. The John Deere 5105 comes with an impressive 5000-hour or 5-year warranty, providing farmers with confidence in its reliability and sustained performance. Invest in the John Deere 5105 for worry-free farming, where efficiency seamlessly meets innovation. Stay informed with Tractor Gyan for the latest updates on the John Deere 5105, your gateway to modern and productive agriculture.