Supports help enhance the best in other characters in Honkai: Star Rail. They can turn the tide of the struggle with an array of powerful on-demand buffs that may significantly boost the effectiveness of other units. Having Support within the team is not always needed, however, it can make fights end faster in support of the team.

Tingyun is a such Support character. Not only does she buff the ATK values of allies, but she will also charge their Ultimates together with her own, leading to more frequent damage windows for faster clears within the Forgotten Hall or bigger nukes within the Simulated Universe. This character is very versatile, and that may lead to some confusion about picking a team for her, so here is a quick help guide to help with that.

Honkai: Star Rail Tingyun Team Comps

As a Support character, Tingyun can easily fit in almost every team comp that needs an offensive buffer and Lightning DMG for breaking Toughness bars. So, rather than listing specific team setups, this informative guide will list the characters in Honkai: Star Rail 1.0 that synergize probably the most with Tingyun.

Bronya - As the only other offensive Support character within the launch version of the game, players may use both Bronya and Tingyun to transmit a single carrier's damage numbers over the top by using buff skills. The best part about Bronya is her Ultimate, the Belobog March, also increases Tingyun's ATK, which means a stronger Benediction effect on their designated damage dealer.

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Dan Heng - With a relatively low base Ultimate Energy price of 100, Dan Heng can easily nuke important targets with near-consecutive casts of Ethereal Dream provided Tingyun uses her very own Ultimate on him. After casting his Ultimate once, Dan Heng only must use one basic attack and something Skill before Tingyun can grant him the rest of the Energy he needs for an additional big damage burst. Asta or Welt can open more opportunities with this duo to loop their combo together.

Seele - Out of all the characters within the game to date, Seele may be the only DPS unit that may reset their turn. This is not the same as Advance Forward like a turn reset means one-turn buffs won't expire for that character's next attack. Simply put, Seele can use the extra Lightning DMG portion from Tingyun's Benediction skill many times per turn so long as she will keep her resets going. This gives her time for you to build up Energy on her Ultimate and usually keep the ball rolling before the combat encounter is resolved.

Physical Trailblazer - Speaking of buff efficiency, Physical Trailblazer can improve their own ATK stat as much as two times simply by breaking enemy Toughness bars. This maximizes the Lightning DMG part of Tingyun's Benediction skill because it scales from the target's ATK and never the caster's. However, because this part from the buff only can last for one turn, players must always time its usage whenever Physical Trailblazer's Ultimate can be obtained.

More characters will ultimately be added to Honkai: Star Rail, and also the list of good teams to construct around Tingyun will grow too. While her ATK buffs are wonderful, there will come a period when other Supports will outclass Tingyun's offensive abilities when it comes to raw numbers. When that point comes, players should begin using this character more being an Energy Battery that may complement another Support's abilities.

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