Weapons in Action RPGs are crucial, and Elden Ring Runes leaves no stone unturned. Not only are there multiple selections for people to pick a weapon, but each also behaves and plays differently. Alas, with lots of choices arises the issue of deciding what weapons to make use of in-game. After all, each weapon suits a specific playstyle, and every one of them has different statistics associated with them. With having said that, we now have compiled a summary of the best weapons in Elden Ring for players to test.

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Elden Ring developer FromSoftware helps to ensure that newcomers and fans of their previous titles get a variety of selections for weapons. But, in doing so, not just did it give players a lot of weapons, but it made the entire process of choosing them harder. Furthermore, with constant updates, many weapons alter the way they behave. That said, here are a few of our favorite weapons from Elden Ring.

Categories of Weapons Available in Elden Ring

In Elden Ring, weapons are split into various categories, separating each of these by stats as well as. Furthermore, each weapon performs differently, although there are no usage restrictions according to scenarios, some weapons are preferable to a few moments hanging around. In Elden Ring, players can pick weapons in the following categories:



Colossal Swords

Curved Swords

Thrusting Swords



Twin blades







Glinstone Staves

Sacred Seals

Colossal Weapons

Top Weapons in Elden Ring You Should Use

With having said that, each weapon in Elden Ring is exceptional in its own class helping make the journey an enjoyable experience. Here are a lot more than 30 best weapons you can test in Elden Ring, divided according to their type:

Best Daggers in Elden Ring


The Misericorde is among the earliest weapons a person can track down hanging around and has the possibility to become an important part of the build. It features the greatest base physical stat in a dagger weapon at 92, doesn’t require high skill stats to wield, and deals 140 critical damage, the greatest in daggers.

Additionally, Misericorde scales exceptionally well using the Dexterity class, so people who prefer a swift playstyle should pick this. Players may also utilize the quick step skill of Misericorde, taking their chances to visit behind enemies and backstab them.


A dagger, which players can find early on hanging around by defeating Bloody Finger Nerijus, an invading NPC, Reduvia packs lots of punch and features among the slickest-looking skills hanging around. Considered a well-rounded early-mid-game weapon, it allows users to manage damage using the Reduvia Blood Blade skill, which sends flying projectiles toward enemies, building their hemorrhaging.

Use this skill to fight an enemy from behind for quick hemorrhaging and crit damage. The weapon scales well using the Dexterity and Arcane classes, so players tinkering with these skills can make use of the dagger.

Top Greatswords

Darkmoon Greatsword

Darkmoon Greatsword includes a rich history behind it, seeing how this sword has appeared in nearly every FromSoftwar RPG in a single shape or form like a playable weapon with brilliant stats mounted on it. Known as the Moonlight Greatsword in other titles, the Darkmoon Greatsword takes a base stat of 16 Strength, 11 Dexterity, and 38 Intelligence for players to wield it.

The Darkmoon Greatsword turns into a formidable weapon when players properly level up, letting them send projectiles that deal frost build-up and deals impressive damage at higher levels.

Obtaining the greatsword is another feat because it requires players to experience Ranni’s questline in Elden Ring, the industry-complex storyline with assorted objectives. It is worth mentioning that the Darkmoon Greatsword is really a mid-late game weapon and performs very well only within the late game.

Blasphemous Blade

Another great mid-late-game weapon in Elden Ring, the Blasphemous Blade, takes benefit of another elemental damage unfavorable to enemies — fire. Primarily a strength-focused weapon, Blasphemous Blade requires users to possess 22 in Strength, 15 in Dexterity, and 21 in Faith to wield and employ its skill known as the Taker’s Flame, which sends a streak of fire straight with the ground towards an armed enemy. Much like Darkmoon Greatsword, players understand this later hanging around after completing the Volcano Manor questline, which pits them against Rykard, Lord of Blasphemy.

Blasphemous Blade is perfect for players concentrating on a faith build alongside Strength, as both stats are very important for bringing out the very best of this weapon. Furthermore, the sword outshines when specific talismans are utilized, which buffs fire damage and overall damage.

Best Colossal Swords

Grafted Blade Sword

Grafted Blade Sword takes the benefit of Strength, among the crucial stats in-game. Made out of little swords along with a homage to George R. R. Martin’s operation in The Song of Ice and Fire, the Grafted Blade Sword excels in a single thing – raw, pure damage. Coming having a base damage of 162 and requiring players to duel-wield, the Grafted Blade Sword requires players to possess a whopping 40 Strength to yield.

Hence, players concentrating on the Strength stat will require the advantage of this weapon. Furthermore, its skill, called The Oath of Vengeance, buffs every attribute hanging around by five points for a minute, making a person even more formidable against other enemies.

Starscourge Greatsword

The story of Starscourge Radahn in Elden Ring is just one of heroism and grief. One of the resilient bosses once the game launched, defeating him not just gave players the bragging rights of conquering him, it gave them the option of getting one of the very best weapons hanging around called Starscourge Greatsword.

A strength weapon using the requirement of 38 Strength, 12 Dex, and 15 Intelligence, Starscourage Greatsword benefits the Strength builds. Furthermore, the weapon skill “Starcaller Cry” helps deal damage by pulling enemies inside a gravitational pull and slamming them to the ground, further helping the damage.

Top Curved Swords

Bloodhound Fangs

Though Bloodhound Fangs got slightly nerfed following the numerous updates within the title, it's still one of the very best early-game weapons players can buy and finish the sport with. Requiring a modest 18 Strength and 17 Dexterity, Bloodhound Fangs prefer players who are concentrating on a quality build. Bloodhound Fangs deal 141 damage on hit, which scales as players keep leveling up. Additionally, successive slash builds the bleed damage with an enemy, rich in damage output like a payoff.

Magma Blade

Another great fire-based weapon, the Magma Blade is for people who want to take benefit of fire damage and raw Strength. Requiring 9 Strength, 15 Dexterity, and 16 Faith, this weapon favors players centered on creating a character that annihilates enemies with sword swings, dealing 96 damage on hit, but additionally utilizes the fireplace damage most enemies are inclined to. Furthermore, as the weapon takes a Dexterity stat to wield it, it doesn't scale well towards the skill and shines when more points are dropped around the Strength and Faith stat.

Top Thrusting Sword

Antspur Rapier

Scarlet Rot is among the status effects in Elden Ring, which nearly the whole player base hated. Concentrated around the area of Caelid, naturally, a weapon must take benefit of it. Antspur Rapier is really a fast-thrusting sword that works well for players favoring fast yet good damage, throwing within the annoyance of Scarlet Rot

It is dropped by a hostile NPC called Maleigh Marais, Shaded Castle Castellan at The Shaded Castle within the Altus Plateau. Antspur Rapier requires 10 Strength and 20 Dexterity to wield and deals 98 damage on hit. Furthermore, Antspur Rapier builds scarlet rot damage on every hit, so players leaning towards a little bit of Dexterity can take benefit of this weapon.


The starting weapon for that prisoner class, the Estoc is really a simple thrusting sword purchasable in the nomadic merchant in Liurnia from the Lakes. However, Estoc is also among the most versatile weapons in Elden Ring, allowing ash of war infusion, which most weapons don't. Estoc requires 11 Strength and 13 Dexterity, dealing 107 damage on hit. Additionally, it scales well with both Dexterity stat. Hence, Estoc may become a vital early-mid-game weapon for those who want a hard-hitting weapon.

Best Katanas in Elden Ring


The Uchigatana is yet another weapon that doesn't hold any exceptional skill inside it. However, it's perfect for people who wish to keep it simple and obtain results from it. A starting weapon for that Samurai class, the Uchigatana is really a sword that can help build hemorrhaging on enemies on every hit. Players require 11 Strength and 15 Dexterity to wield it, using its scaling increasing with one of these stats and permitting Ash of War infusion. This makes Uchigatana an excellent weapon that players can run till the end of the sport if they desire to.

Rivers of Blood

One of the flashiest-looking weapons hanging around, the Rivers of Blood is among the late-game weapons found within the Mountaintop of Giants. It is among the well-loved weapons in Elden Ring, because of its skill range and bleeding abilities. While not endowed with the very best physical damage (only 76), the Rivers of Blood katana in Elden Ring causes it to be up with bleed build-up damages and range.

To wield it, players require 12 Strength, 18 Dexterity, and 20 Arcane and primarily scale with one of these three stats. Furthermore, Rivers of Blood outshines when players dual-wield it with another Katana. The Corpse Piler skill helps to ensure that players damage the enemies from a considerable distance and range thanks to the slash area.

Best Axes in Elden Ring

Icerind Hatchet

While past From Software titles had merely a handful of weapons dealing Area of Effect (AoE) damages towards the enemies, Elden Ring has numerous of these weapons. Icerind Hatchet is such weapon that lets players deal harm to a group of enemies because of its weapon skill.

Found within the Temple Quarter, situated at Liurnia from the Lakes in the chest located within the ruined belltower, the Icerind Hatchet is really a quick axe that scales well using the Dexterity stat. Players require 11 Strength and 16 Dexterity points to wield it, dealing 115 base damage on hit. Icerind Hatchet likewise helps build frost damage around the enemies on every hit and with the weapon skill Hoarfrost Stomp.

Executioner’s Greataxe

Executioner’s Greataxe is really a large weapon, and far like every large armament within this game, it favors players who wish to be hard-hitting person against their enemies. Found like a drop from Skeletons wielding it over the graveyards in Elden Ring, the Executioner’s Greataxe is really a big axe that excels both in physical and critical damage, dealing 150 and 115 damage.

To wield it, players require 36 Strengths and 8 Dexterity. Furthermore, Executioner’s Greataxe scales well with Strength stat, and it is skill War Cry gives players a panic attack boost, dealing more damage toward the enemies.

Best Twinblades

Godskin Peeler

Godskins are among the most menacing enemies hanging around, giving players difficulty dealing with them. Naturally, their weapon of preference also has to suit the theme to be a menacing armament. The Godskin Peeler is really a Twinblade dropped by the Godskin Apostle optional boss in the Windmill Village in Altus Plateau. Godskin Peeler requires 17 Strengths and 22 Dexterity and deals 121 base damage on enemies.

While it scales great with Strength and Dexterity, one big plus with this weapon is its unique scaling ability with Arcane. If a person strengthens the weapon to +25 blood affinity and reaches 40 Arcane, the bleed build-up covers 120, dealing a sizable chunk of damage toward the enemies.

Eleonora’s Poleblade

Another great Twinblade that concentrates on fast attacks and bleed build-up, Eleonora’s Poleblade, is really a weapon obtained in the NPC Eleonora, Violent Bloody Finger. You require 12 Strength, 21 Dexterity, and 19 Arcane to wield it, and deals both fire damage and hemorrhaging build-up on attacks.

However, it struggles at dealing damage, dealing 72 base damage on hit. This means players using Eleonora’s Poleblade have to rely on quick successive attacks for that bleed build-up and fire damage around the enemies. Additionally, the weapon skill Bloodblade Dance ensures players damage enemies in the most graceful possible way, carrying out a flurry of attacks within the process.

Best Spears in buy elden ring runes

Cross Naginata

Cross Naginata is the very best choice for players who would like simple blood-loss weapons but additionally want long-range when fighting enemies. Dealing 122 damage, Cross Naginata is really a unique spear in move-set, where players may use both slash and thrust from the enemies. To wield Cross Naginata, players require 16 Strength and 20 Dexterity, and also the weapon scales well with Strength and Dexterity. Furthermore, the Impaling Thrust weapon skill works well for further helping the range of attack.

Cleanrot Spear

Cleanrot Spear is yet another choice for players who want to manage damage to enemies from a safer distance and wants to manage magic damage toward the enemies. Coming only having a thrust move set, Cleanrot Spear deals 102 damage towards the enemies on hit, requiring 16 Strength, 16 Dexterity, and 14 Faith. Seeing the Faith requirement, Cleanrot Spear also naturally performs magic-based damage, thanks to the Sacred Phalanx weapon skill, which conjures several spears around the ground when used. It also enhances the immunity of a person by 50.