An Elden Ring Items player discovers that their pet is among the hardest bosses they'll encounter throughout their journey within the Lands Between.

elden ring items

An Elden Ring player has uploaded a hilarious video of these trying to use their character to defeat a real-world distraction. The software’s open-world epic includes a high number of bosses and enemies that players can encounter while seeking Elden Ring, each coming using its own challenges.

Gamers seeking to pass their time within the Lands Between they wait for a Shadows from the Erdtree DLC, happen to be showcasing their talents against some of the toughest enemies. Recently, a gamer defeated Elden Ring’s toughest bosses at level 1 all while dressed like a Roderika NPC. They were able to take on Godfrey and survive despite having not spent any runes on powering up their character.

A Redditor named Pantsickle has uploaded a humorous video titled ‘How would you beat this boss’, which shows their Elden Ring character going for a swipe in the very real cat sitting in front of the television. The feline initially glared into the camera, perhaps wanting the player’s focus to be on it rather than the TV, before being distracted by the various sword swipes and jumps from Torrent the horse.

The Elden Ring community often provides great hints at defeating bosses, including one player sharing their tactics on dispatching the Bell Bearing Hunter. Looking in the comments shows equally hilarious responses, which range from using catnip pots to shaking a bag of treats. Other players have even shared similar stories, admitting they happen to be stuck with similar enemies for some time.

A cat obstructing the TV screen is a problem since televisions were introduced into people’s homes, but a minimum of Pantsickle’s cat didn’t jump up throughout a tense boss fight. Since Elden Ring was launched last year, everyone has documented numerous external factors which have caused these phones to see the feared You Died screen. These have ranged from the depleted battery inside a controller to a different player hitting Margit at the worst possible time.

While there is no secrete that the enemies in Elden Ring are tough, probably the most dedicated players continue to be finding methods to utilize the rich combat system to supply unique methods for mastering the most recent Soulsborne game. One player squared off against Malenia using only parries to manage the damage. To make the task even more difficult, the gamer took their HP right down to a minimum to ensure that one hit from Elden Ring’s most difficult boss would complete their character effortlessly.

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