An association is a group of people who come together for a common purpose or interest. The members of an association typically share a similar goal or mission, and work together to achieve it. Associations can be formal or informal, and can range in size from small local groups to large national or international organizations.

Associations can take many different forms and serve a wide variety of purposes. Some common types of associations include:

Professional associations: These are organizations of people who work in a particular profession, such as lawyers, doctors, or teachers. They may provide networking opportunities, continuing education, and advocacy on behalf of their members.

Trade associations: These are organizations of businesses or industries that share a common interest or goal, such as promoting a particular product or service, or advocating for regulatory changes that will benefit their industry.

Social or recreational associations: These are organizations that bring people together for a shared interest or activity, such as a hiking club, a book club, or a sports team.

Non-profit organizations: These are organizations that are dedicated to a particular cause or mission, and often rely on donations and volunteer work to carry out their work.

Associations can provide a range of benefits to their members, including networking opportunities, access to resources and information, advocacy on behalf of their members, and the ability to collaborate on shared goals or projects.
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