Black OPS 3 is a wonderful game that was released in November 2015. Most of the critics and fans consider this game a success. It is providing the users with the campaign mode, multiplayer option, and many more. Most of the users would have a doubt that is black ops 3 cross platform or not. Through this article, the user would be able to get information on whether this platform is crossplay or not. 

What Was Wrong With This Game?

When this game was launched, all the people were using the old consoles so this game was not working properly. This game was launched on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. Most of the players did not have experience playing this game on the new versions. So, none of the players enjoy playing games on this platform. When this game was released on the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 the user was able to play and this game was in demand for 2 years. This was considered a great commercial success. This game was welcomed by every person in the market and this has changed the formula that most people loved. The changes that occurred were very big but it is not have any negative impact on the users. 

Is Black OPS 3 Cross Platform?

Most of the users have a doubt about whether is bo3 cross platform or not. You would be sad to know that this game is not cross-platform. The person with the same platform can only play this game. There are some rumors that a new game would be launched as early as possible which can be played as cross-platform. The person who has having Xbox would be able to play games with the person having a PC or the person having a PlayStation can play games with the Xbox series, and many more.