As surprising as it may seem, accounting can claim to be one of the oldest professions in the world. Some will define themselves allergic to accounting, others will say that accounting is too complex, and yet it has always reflected a need for traceability of exchanges. Narrative...

The birth of accounting: an ancient story

We find in Egyptian history in the 4th millennium BC traces of accounting. The premises of accounting were in fact a follow-up of the entries and exits of an account that could be found via writings on clay or on papyrus. In fact, the invention of accounting preceded that of writing!

The history of modern accounting

Even if the main principles have not changed, accounting has had to adapt to modern economic requirements. The development of management methods and the appearance of a new service in the organization of companies called "management control" have contributed to the development of cost accounting. Cost accounting no longer revolves around traditional accounting accounts, those of the PCG (General Chart of Accounts), but around different "business codes" in each company reflecting their organizational specificities. Nevertheless, the keeping of traditional accounts remains necessary to answer tax questions. Then the accounting adapts to NTIC (New Information and Communication Technologies) which has profoundly changed everyday life: automation of entries, centralization of accounting within holding companies, outsourcing or delocalization of invoice processing, dematerialization, The story continues: the revolution is on its way!

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