Snapchat is an app that is famous for adding unique and useful features for its users. All of the features on Snapchat motives on involving the users in the app. Similarly in February Snapchat added a My AI chat feature to provide a chatting facility with AI. But while using it you may see the hot doesn't have any actual work. It just disturbs you while chatting by popping up or will uselessly stay at the top section of your chatting list.

Although there isn't any hope that Snapchat is going to remove it from the app, you can follow our guide for how to get rid of my AI on Snapchat.

Will Snapchat remove AI chatbot from the app?

There isn't any news about such an action from Snapchat. But if you explore how to get my AI off Snapchat, you will get a solution. Let's have a look at our guide for that.

How to Get Rid of my AI from Snapchat?

Here we have defined some ways that will let you get rid of Snapchat AI:

  1. Turn off the Snapchat stories from My Ai: if you look into the privacy settings of My Ai, you will find out it keeps an eye on your stories. Ai responds according to the information shared with it like location, stories, etc. To turn off AI from Snapchat:

  • Chats > tap and hold my ai > privacy settings > toggle off my story.

  1. Delete data from my ai: my ai stores all the conversation and other data. Delete that by following:

  • Profile icon > privacy controls > Clear Data > Clear My AI data.

  1. Snapchat+ membership: you can opt for Snapchat+ membership as after using so much hate for the feature, Snapchat has provided an option to remove it for Snapchat+ users. 

  • My AI in chat > Chat settings > Clear From chat Feed.