Wedding Photographer New Zealand

Back in 2013, a Kiwi and an Aussie were married in beautiful Bali.
Surrounded by all our family and friends, my wife and I knew this would be the only time in our life we’d have both of our families together in one spot, and the significance of these photos went well beyond capturing our first kiss as husband and wife.

All these years later, these photos are some of our most precious mementos, and I take this attitude and sense of responsibility into every wedding I am privileged enough to photograph.

The photos from your day capture far-flung siblings, treasured cousins, proud parents, and teary nans, all brought together to celebrate you.

I take pride in capturing your day as unobtrusively as possible, from the first coffees in the morning light to your family tearing up the dance floor as the sun sets on your day. 

I capture the big moments – the first kiss, first dance - and the small moments too- the cheeky flower girl, a discreet wipe of a tear, a hand squeezed in reassurance.

I’m committed to telling your unique wedding story in a natural, timeless way, producing images you’ll treasure for years to come.