Cryptocurrency exchange script is a ready-to-launch and bug-free crypto trading software that is intended to create a reliable crypto exchange platform. It includes all the necessary features and functionalities with high-level security measures to run a crypto exchange. As it is a ready-made script no need to develop it from scratch, this reduces the entrepreneur's development cost and time. By utilizing this pre-built script businesses can launch their own cryptocurrency exchange platform in 10 days.

 Revenue Factors of Crypto exchange script

Transaction fees

Transaction fees represent one of the most advantageous revenue streams for an exchange. Every time a trader conducts a transaction within the exchange, a transaction fee is incurred, which is retained by the exchange operator. The setting of these transaction fees is entirely at the discretion of the exchange owner. You can set your transaction fees according to your business requirements, thus allowing you to generate revenue through it.

Coin listing

When a new cryptocurrency enters the market, it needs to be listed on crypto exchange platforms. To facilitate this listing, exchange owners charge fees. This revenue model has become highly lucrative due to the surge in new cryptocurrencies entering the market. As the crypto industry continues to grow, exchange owners stand to profit significantly from these listing fees.

Deposit fee

The deposit fee serves as an additional source of income. When a user transfers fiat currency or digital assets to the exchange, they are required to pay a deposit fee. Exchange owner can earn high-revenue through it.

Withdrawal fee

The withdrawal fee is a lucrative revenue stream for exchanges. When users withdraw fiat or cryptocurrency from the platform, a withdrawal fee is imposed. These fees are typically substantial, resulting in significant profits for the exchange owner.


Staking involves exchange users participating in a staking pool by holding their cryptocurrencies within it. Exchange owners utilize these pooled assets for various purposes. In return, users receive rewards and interest for stacking their cryptocurrencies in the pool.


By implementing a lending service, users can lend their cryptocurrencies to others in exchange for interest. The exchange can take a percentage of the interest as revenue.

Margin trading

Offering margin trading allows users to borrow funds to increase their trading position. Exchanges can earn interest or fees on the borrowed funds, contributing to revenue.

Advertisement and Promotions

You can generate revenue by allowing crypto-related companies to advertise on your exchange or by promoting specific tokens for a fee.

IEO Launchpad

Incorporating an IEO launchpad into a cryptocurrency exchange platform offers a lucrative opportunity to boost earnings. This specialized launchpad facilitates the token sale of newly minted coins within a specific timeframe. To avail this service, users pay the exchange, thereby generating additional revenue for the platform owner.

About Plurance

Plurance is a market-leading cryptocurrency exchange development company that provides fully functional pre-built cryptocurrency exchange script. We have a team of skilled developers who will develop your platform using the latest technology stack. Our exchange script comes with high-revenue factor streams to make a huge profit for your business. Our white label solution allows you to customize the software based on your business needs that helps you to launch your own crypto exchange with your own brand at an affordable cost.