American Airlines is one of the most appropriate airlines for all the comfortable seats, services, and many things that provide your travel experience best. If you are willing to get to know about how long you have to wait on hold, then for that, this article is beneficial that provides all the details and also the methods to contact American Airlines phone number, and you have to follow all the information that is mentioned below:-


Methods to hold your flight on American Airlines:-

You need to know that the wait time on American Airlines is for 24 hours, and if you are not able to pay the charges within that time and, then your flight reservation on hold will automatically be canceled. So, if you want to confirm your flight hold ticket, then-


  • Access the authorized homepage of the American airline and then navigate to the My Trip option and make the booking of your flight ticket. 

  • Enter all the details that you require to book the flight and follow all the instructions to make the booking.

  • After that, you need to select the flight and click on the hold tab from the review and pay tab. 

  • Then, move to the confirmation email or navigate to my trip to pay all the charges that applied. 

  • Now, you will get the confirmation of your ticket. If you are not able to pay, then after 24 hours, your flight will be canceled. 


Moreover, if you are not able to follow the online way that, you can also connect with American airline customer services and put the flight ticket on hold. Here are the official contact numbers that you can use to hold your ticket; below are the following that mentioned:-


Initially, you have to go to the official American Airlines homepage and then navigate to the Contact Us page, where you are require to start exploring for the authorized American Airlines phone number, and when you get that 800-433-7300 then, you need to dial the number. After that, you will directly get associated with the virtual assistance that assist you in following all the instructions that appear on your screen and instantly connect with a real person from the airline. Then you need to send them all the issues that you are facing and the details related to putting your flight ticket on hold and then confirm that. 

Lastly, you are not required to make the payment at that time, and the hold time is for 24 hours. When you make payment then, your ticket will convert from hold to confirm. 


An alternative way to connect with the services:-

If you are not able to connect with the services, then you can use this live chat method that instantly connects you with customer services and resolves:-


Live chat- Access the official website of American Airlines and then go to the Message Us tab, where you need to start searching for live chat options and when you click on that, then small chat box opens where you can dispatch them all the questions to fix.  


Hopefully, all the stratement that are noted will be advantageous for you and provide all the essential information that is required to resolve them.