There are certain terms and conditions that come along with the refund process for every Airline; if you have canceled your flight or are willing to make the flight cancellation with Swiss Air and are concerned about the refund procedure, then in that scenario, you can ask the Airline to provide you with the refund as there are different ways with the help of which Airline you can contact the agent to provide you a refund for your canceled flight, but before that go through the refund policy mentioned below.


Swiss Air refund policy.


Every Airline has its refund policy. To be aware of the terms and conditions of the Airline regarding the refund procedure, you can go through the Swiss Air refund policy points cited below and get updated with the information.


  • When the cancellation of your Swiss Air flight has been made within 24 hours of your flight booking procedure, then you will be eligible to get a full refund for your flight.

  • If the cancellation has been made due to any medical emergency or because of any family issue, then you might get a refund for your canceled flight after submitting the valid documents to the Airline.

  • When the cancellation of your flight is made by the Airline, then you can ask the representative of the Airline to grant you a full booking refund.

  • You will get a full-fledged refund for your Swiss Air flight if it has been delayed for 4 or more hours.

  • If you want to cancel a non-refundable flight ticket with Swiss Airlines, you will not get a refund in terms of money. Instead, you will get a voucher or coupon worth the same amount as your ticket.


Procedure to get a refund from Swiss Air.


There are different modes through which you can ask the representative of the Airline for a refund for your canceled flight.


  • Through website.

  • Via phone call. 


Ask for a Swiss Air flight refund through the website.


The Airline offers a way to request a refund from Swiss Airlines for your canceled flight through the website; it is a self-service procedure, read the below steps to learn about the online method and proceed.


  • Open the official web of Swiss Airline.

  • Enter your last name and flight number.

  • Examine the refund form option and click on it.

  • Mention the required information for your canceled flight.

  • Give other necessary details, as asked.

  • After finishing the form, hit the "submit" button.

  • Then you will get the refund for your flight shortly.


Connect with the Swiss Air agent through a phone call.


You can also call customer support by dialing the Swiss Air customer service number and ask the agent to provide you with a refund for your canceled flight. To know the method, follow the steps below and understand the procedure.


  • Make a call to LATAM Airline's customer support helpline number.

  • Select the language of your preference to get assistance.

  • Pick the refund option from the given IVR by tapping on it.

  • The agent will get on the line in a period.

  • Narrate to him about the information about your flight.

  • Provide him with the reason for your flight cancellation.

  • The live agent available on the call will provide you with service.