What is Kraken Clone Script? Everything You Need to Know About Kraken Clone Script Development

Kraken clone script is the software code programmed by the developers that can imitate Kraken exchange website. The functionalities, features, wallet storage, trading methods look the same as Kraken exchange. It is the readymade crypto exchange platform that can be relabeled according to the buyer's choice. Buyer can use the kraken clone script to start a cryptocurrency exchange within a minimum span of 2 weeks.


Our Prominent Features of Kraken Exchange Clone Script

1.Spot trading

The kraken clone script is engineered with advanced spot trading mechanics that involves no interruption in the trade. The order matching engine can find the best price for the cryptocurrency you are willing to buy or sell. It enhances user experience by leveraging maximum profits with arbitrage value.

2. Margin trading

Margin trading with spot transaction is one of the prominent features included in the kraken clone. Using margin extension, you can maximize your trade frequency and reap the profits by getting margin funds in your account.

3. Staking

Staking is the modern day crypto savings feature that has been available in our kraken clone script. Through staking, you can facilitate your users the ability to earn interest when they stake their cryptos for a period of time. The rewards program unlocks more tokens to automatically deposit into users accounts.

4. Liquidity

The Kraken clone platform we developed is made default to high liquidity. The Liquidity API can move the funds quickly between the orderbooks so that trades are executed at the same price they want. Unleash the power of high liquidity to your exchange without considering engineering cost.

5. Crypto Indice

Crypto indices are the new age data source that tells you aggregated price for the digital asset. It’s actually the second party data that’s evaluated from third party exchanges. It gives the reliability for the users that they are getting actual price for the cryptocurrency. One of the exclusive features in kraken has been added in our kraken clone script.

6. Crypto Futures

It is the agreement basis trade model bidding on the price at a specific date and time. Seasoned traders will always look for crypto futures & derivative methods of trading. To get the attention of such users, you can use this future trading option and make your crypto exchange stand out from the crowd.

7. OTC

Over-the-counter trading has been available in our Kraken clone software. By employing OTC on your exchange, institutional investors and high net individuals can take part in large trading orders without disturbing the market price. Personalized options and OTC trading facilities are programmed for the first time in our script.

8. Multi-language support

The feature helps to scale your crypto exchange platform as you expand the geographical operations. Users can opt-in for their desired languages and feel convenient in accessing the platform.


What security features does our Kraken clone script have?

             Two factor authentication (Google Authenticator and Yubikey)

             No option for phone/SMS recovery

             Email confirmation for every withdrawals

             Account timeout extra protection

             HTTP authentication

             Jail login

             Data encryption

             Two-factor authentication

             SQL injection prevention

             Anti Denial of Service(DoS)

             Cross-Site Request Forgery(CSRF) protection

             Server-Side Request Forgery(SSRF) protection

             Anti-Distributed Denial of Service

             Email verification


Fully customized white label Kraken clone software for your need

The white label kraken clone script is available with us that can be free to customize on whatever condition. For example, you can add themes, background colors, branded font style, layout slides, and much more. All the default features mentioned in the kraken clone script are available in white label script.

P.S - If you want our developers to do the customization part, there are separate charges incurred to you.


Perks to purchasing our Kraken Clone Script


• Kraken clone script is beneficial to you because it saves hundreds of development hours in code writing.

• The kraken clone script we developed is completely tested and bug-free code. No more additional testing cycle is needed to run the exchange program.

• Additional technical support is provided by our Hivelance Team in case of any issues raised in server uploading.

• The script is a purely white labeled solution and any external customization is allowed which makes your crypto exchange unique in the market.

• The solution is adaptable with buy, sell, swap functionalities so no extra development is needed. You can start the exchange instantly.


Cost to build a crypto exchange like Kraken?

The average cost of building a crypto exchange like Kraken would be around $5k to $10K. It may be subjected to change depending on your objectives.

It’s like what are the features you need to develop, what are the additional services you are going to offer?

On the mobile side, there would be two versions of the mobile app needed to run the exchange. One is an admin app, and the other one is a user app.

On the desktop side, there is a separate admin panel for handling the exchange operation and an user interface for browser experience.


Kraken Exchange Like Mobile App Development


We have ready-made Kraken like mobile apps for both iOS and android platforms. We use highly sophisticated technology like Flutter and react native for developing the apps.

Up to-date features of Kraken exchange app has been exclusively applied in our app.

The application is designed with lightweight code so that users should feel easy to download the app and use them. The kraken clone app is structured in a way that makes the crypto investments easier for beginners to advanced traders.


Why should you go with Hivelance for your Kraken-like exchange startup?


Hivelance is the cryptocurrency exchange developing company in the industry for 10+ years. The expert developers, blockchain engineers, and UI designers have the capability to create a fully functional crypto exchange website in 4 working days. Since we have ready-made crypto exchange scripts in hand, we are flexible enough to customize them according to client needs.


Source Link: https://www.hivelance.com/kraken-clone-script