People who use an HP Printer might be familiar with the WPS Pin that is asked by the users to connect their Printer to the computer. If you are going to connect your HP Printer to your computer by a wireless connection using a router then, you definitely need a WPS PIN to connect your printer to your windows operating system. 

In the guide, we are going to tell you what is the meaning of a WPS Pin and where to find wps pin on hp printer

What is the Importance of A WPS PIN?

A wps pin for hp printer is very important as this provides a connection between the two devices that you are connecting. This Unique code consists of 8 numbers that you need to input into your computer when you are connecting two or more devices with each other. This WPS Pin is much more effective in connecting two devices than the WI-FI connection that can sometimes malfunction. 

Where Can you Find the WPS Pin on Your Computer?

Now the main question that trouble people is where to find wps pin hp printer. All the latest HP printers like Envy Jet, Laser Jet and others will have the WPS Pin which makes it very easy for people to locate it. 

The new versions of the printer will have the WPS Pin located on the screen which means that all the screen-enabled printers will have the PIN on the screen and you can easily copy it down on your computer so that you can connect the two devices however, if you have an older version then, you need to know that you will not find the Pin on the screen as the old printers do not have a screen. 

If you have a printer with no screen then, you need to use the WI-FI connection to connect your computer and printer as it can be hard to find the WPS Pin to pair your devices.