It is possible that you had by mistake deleted an application on your android device or on iphone and now you do not know how you could find it as well as recover it. 

Well, you do not need to be worried as in this blog we are going to tell you how to see recently deleted apps on iphone and android device in some simple and easy steps. 

Find Out Deleted Applications on your Android Device – 

  • For finding out the applications on your device you should first move to the Google play store app on your device and then you should hit the menu button following which you are required to move to the option of my apps and games from the menu. 

  • The next screen will come in front of you where you should click on all buttons which will show you all the applications you have installed on your device for how to find deleted apps on iphone and android. 

  • Now, from here you can find the deleted application which you have been looking for and as soon as you found the app you should immediately tap on the install button and you will be able to get that application back on your device once again. 

  • You will also be able to recover the data by allowing the option of restoring the backup files on your device. 

These were the steps for how to see recently deleted apps which you are supposed to follow properly so that you can get back the app you want.