Discord, a social media platform used for communication developed for gamers but eventually due to various functionality used by different industries to communicate with each other. It is easy to start a discord server but some features like screen share are difficult to implement. Through this article, we will teach you step-by-step about how to share screens on Discord.

Step 1. Start or Join a Server:

To start sharing the screen over a server. First, start a server or join a server with one or multiple persons by clicking over the join server in the left-hand corner.

Step 2. Acquire Voice connected option:

Below your channel list, you will find a "Voice Connected" section and there click on the "Share Your Screen" option .  

Step 3. Choose the Screen:

Click the "Screens" tab. If you want to share a specific app window, then access the "Applications" tab and choose your app window. After selection, you will see other Discord screen share options like "What You're Streaming" and "Streaming Channel". 

Step 4. Choose Quality of Stream:

In the "Stream Quality" section, choose a quality type by clicking over the drop-down menu.

Step 5. More Options to start sharing:

In the open box's bottom-right corner, you will find the "Go Live" option. A floating window is displayed over the chosen app that you want to share on your screen. This is the content of Discord Screen shares.

Click on "X" to stop your discord share screen, in the bottom-right window’s corner.