"Plus Xue Bing disappeared, the snake king was stabbed, Lu Xiaofeng has hated you to the bone, so no matter what you say, he will never believe, will never let you go.". Besides, I'm a famous captor and his friend, and you're a mysterious devil of unknown origin. After hearing these words, Aunt Gongsun could only sigh and think, "You are really accurate. I didn't even have any evidence before. Even if I said you were an embroidery thief, no one would believe it." But she's got the evidence now, because "now you've admitted it yourself." The question is, so what if you admit it? Not so good. Apart from Aunt Gongsun, who could not move and lived in a box, who heard his "confession", there was another person who could move. Jin Jiuling thought he was a hundred miles away, but this man was standing in the doorway. Of course, this person is Lu Xiaofeng. It turned out to be a scene in which he colluded with Aunt Gongsun. Isn't it wonderful? A good cop and a bad cop. Gu Long has the ability to apply some of the essence of traditional drama to martial arts novels, which has achieved unexpected results. Is there any confirmation in Gu Long's works? However, there is always a time when the framework of the old century can not accommodate the ideas of the new century, and the restless soul always hopes to break through the spiritual constraints of the past. Sometimes,ultrasonic sonochemistry machine, in order to get a new flower, a new spring, we must sacrifice the "existing" as the price. Gu Long was also restless. In order to create a new and independent style of martial arts novels, he read many Western novels and Japanese novels. In The Legend of Chu Liuxiang, he even introduced the logic and analysis of "elegant violence" represented by "007" and "Sherlock Holmes". In The Legend of Lu Xiaofeng, he borrowed O. Henry's technique to make the plot ups and downs, interlocking, often unexpected and legendary. Gulong has formed an "adventure body" with its own style. "Silver Hook Casino" is a very meaningful specific operational text. Lu Xiaofeng was forced by Blue Beard of the Silver Hook Gambling House to retrieve a Luocha card,ultrasonic cutting machine, the treasure of the Western Jade Luocha. Because he made eight big cases in one night and killed the son of Jade Raksha. Of course, these are framed, but in order to "return my innocence", Lu Xiaofeng can only go far away to the ice city, which can be frozen to death. She tried her best to get rid of the bad luck imposed on her from time to time, and finally found two Luocha cards. Who expects that one piece is more fake than the other. Where is the truth? Until almost the end, the good play has been continuous. The more we come to the end, the more we see the legacy of O. Henry. The story begins in the underground chamber of Bluebeard at the Silver Hook Casino, and ends, of course, in the "old place". In addition to Blue Beard, Fang Yufei, and Fang Yuxiang, who had appeared for the first time, ultrasonic metal welding ,ultrasonic dispersion machine, there were also three protectors of the Western Luocha religion: Lone Pine, Withered Bamboo, and Cold Plum. Lu Xiaofeng is talking vividly about his trip to the ice city. But he was sorry because the two jade tablets he found were fake. But he said that he could really take it out right away, provided that all the lights were turned off. The lamp went out, the lamp came on again, and a jade tablet appeared on the table. Another round of blood has begun. As soon as Lu Xiaofeng said that Bluebeard was a flying jade tiger, Bluebeard was poisoned to death. Fang Yufei was the real Flying Jade Tiger, but Hanmei stabbed him to death with a sword. The old man, who had lived in seclusion in Kunlun for 20 years, also wanted to be the leader of the Luocha Sect. The same is true of withered bamboo and lonely pine, and the years have not worn away their desire for profit. Is this human nature? Finally, in the light fog, Lu Xiaofeng and Jade Raksha met. Their conversation was also very shocking. As the leader of a religion, the Jade Raksha is famous and powerful, which makes people afraid, but it is not a human life. Human relations are always enjoyed, but he doesn't have any. So Lu Xiaofeng didn't envy him at all. Just in this misty fog, met such a misty person, and watched him disappear like a dream, Lu Xiaofeng also felt that even he had been lost in the fog. How did he succeed in doing this? Or fail? Even he can't tell the difference. Of course, there is also the flavor of "justice must overcome evil", and the plot is very exciting, which is made by combining Chinese and foreign artistic techniques. But after reading it, readers will fall into a fog, and they can't tell what it feels like: Is Lu Xiaofeng suppressing the strong and helping the weak and fighting for justice? Why do we feel that Gu Long writes negative characters better than positive characters, and that writing bad people is better than writing good people? Or sound said, there are no good people and bad people, the distinction between major and minor issues? In overcoming the defects of over-conceptualization and formularization of the characters in the novel, Gu Long did go a little too far. Each character is too complex and has the contradictory character of "half devil, half angel". In this way of writing, it is very difficult for the characters who are both good and evil to step on the suspension rope of morality without losing their fall. In Jin Yong's view, after all, there is still the great cause of serving the country and the people to support, so there can be a greater resonance. In Gu Long's view, however, most of them only write about the gratitude and resentment in Jianghu, the open fire in the green forest, and the murder and fighting in the wilderness. Those characters who are "half devils and half angels" are not so easy to please. Because readers welcome martial arts novels, mainly because they like the swordsmen in them. It makes the paper full of evil spirits, which is amazing, but it is not of much benefit to the inheritance of the moral standards recognized by ordinary people in Chinese society. In fact, to the end of Jue Dai Shuang Jiao, that is, in the imitation stage, Gu Long's martial arts are basically different from good and evil, good and evil. This shows that there is still a set of "normal" standards of right and wrong in his mind, which are expressed through his works. And this set of standards,Ultrasonic emulsifier machines, in our opinion, is also acceptable to the vast majority of readers, because it conforms to the human ethics and morality handed down by the Chinese people for thousands of years. fycgsonic.com