Ye Mo waved his hand and said, "Did you pay attention to what Peng Gandang said before?"? When he came first, he said he wanted me to attend the Elixir Master Conference. As long as I had a little fame, I could earn a lot of immortal crystals. But after I let the holy hand fairy be promoted to the fourth grade of the elixir master, the Han Changtian exchanged a look with him, and he immediately changed his words and said that even if I didn't go to the elixir master meeting, I could have a lot of fairy crystals. "What do you mean?" Zhen Bingyu did not quite understand what he meant. He shook his head and said, "I don't know about them, but I'm sure they have secrets.". As for what the secret is, they don't say now. Once we accept their benefits, they will regard us as their own people, and the secret will be told to us. Zhen Bingyu is very clever, in fact, is also a sensible person, said here, she immediately understood, immediately nodded in agreement: "Once we know their secret, it must be with them.". Otherwise Yes, or we will die. With the ability of the three of them on this fairy ship, it's easy to kill both of us. What's more,outdoor palm trees, I'm sure they're not three people, and there may be more powerful immortals behind them. Said in a deep voice. The elder holy aunt looks very kind. Although Zhen Bingyu agreed with his guess, he had a good impression of Cai. Kui did not answer, he also felt that the person was good, but after all, he did not understand the three people. Kui did not accept the good intentions of Han Changtian three people, and sure enough,silk olive tree, the next few days, Peng Gandang several people did not come down again. But the business of the shop is slowly getting better, and some immortals know that there are immortals in the first-class cabin who have been to the shop. And even Deacon Huang had been there and had come to have a look. This look, 'Mo Yue Dan Lou' fame immediately hit out, 'Mo Yue Dan Lou' four grades of elixir are superior. And the elixir below the fourth grade is the special grade. This kind of quality is absolutely first-class quality in the medium cabin city. Although it is also indirectly occupied the light of Peng Gandang three people, but once the fame goes out, the business of'Moyue Danlou 'immediately improves. A short period of more than ten days. He earned nearly five or six million immortal crystals through alchemy and the sale of elixirs. As the one-month lease approached, he spent another three million Xianjing to stay in the middle class cabin for half a year, and at the same time extended the lease time of the booth for another two months. Xianjing spent it again, but this time he was not worried. His shop business fame hit out, immortal crystal continuously come over, as long as the time is long, he can thoroughly in the middle class base. At the same time, he also knew that in the middle class, artificial coconut palm trees ,silk cherry blossom tree, he could also settle down in the city. But you need to rent it for ten years. The price of a ten-year lease is sky-high. And I don't think it's expensive. He is in the middle of the city. You always have to rent a booth, and there is no need to find another place to settle down. In the past two months, except Peng Gandang came to see him once. Neither the Holy Hand Fairy nor Han Changtian came down again. And Peng Gandang also absent-minded and casually chatted a few words, then left in a hurry again. At this time, he had not yet obtained the qualification to settle down in the middle class. But it has gained a foothold. Inside the medium cabin city. 'Moyue Dan Lou 'has become the best place for the elixir below the fourth grade. As long as you go here, you will not be disappointed, and the quality of the elixir is very high. But only limited to four grades of elixir, five grades of elixir'Moyue Dan Lou 'is still not refined out. That day, Kui saw off an alchemy client, and when he was studying the array, Yu Liansang hurried over. Although Yu Liansang was just a little immortal who collected taxes on stalls, he still helped him a lot. Under normal circumstances, if he wants to make alchemy, he basically does not charge any handling fees. After a long time, I became familiar with him. Two people can't be regarded as friends, but they can get a lot of fresh news from him. Brother Yu, why are you here in such a hurry? When he saw Yu Liansang come in, he put away the materials for deducing the array, stood up and smiled and folded his fists. Master Ye, the Impatiens boat in Heaven has stopped today. Many people will go to collect meteorites in the void to earn immortal crystals. Would you like to go? Yu Liansang even fawned on him now and came to tell him as soon as he had news. There is no power for them, but it is a small steward on the immortal ship, and it is a lucky thing to be able to make friends with such a four-grade elixir master. He thought that once the ship stopped, Peng Gandang would come to tell him, but he didn't think that Peng Gandang didn't come. The fairy ship stopped. Of course he wanted to go. He was not for the meteorites, but for the snow in the void. Thank you, brother Yu. I was just going to get some meteorites in the void, but I didn't expect the fairy ship to stop. I don't know how to get to the void yet. Brother Yu, can you tell me? Kui quickly folded his fists and thanked him. Yu Liansang didn't expect that such an elixir master would go to the void to get meteorites. He had come here just to ask him to see the void scene and get in touch with his feelings. Now he had to go there, but he couldn't persuade him. He came to inform him, and if he persuaded him again, he would certainly have an idea about him. No problem. I can take you there. When the fairy ship stops, all the cabins will open into the void deck. When the time comes, as long as you enter the void from the deck, but the void is very dangerous, and the fairy ship only stays here for half a year, once overdue, the fairy ship will not wait for anyone. Yu Liansang finally gave an indirect advice. "I know that," he said hurriedly. "Thank you, Brother Yu. Let's go now after I say hello to Elder Martial Sister." Without waiting to say hello, Zhen Bingyu had already come down. She sighed in her heart. Although she knew that the decision could not be changed, she still didn't want to go into the void to look for'flying snow in the void '. I'll go with you. Zhen Bingyu's chair fell downstairs, and instead of persuading him, he asked to enter the void with him. (To be continued) Chapter 1629 boundary void. .. co Zhen Bingyu had already made plans. If she wanted to refuse, she would argue strongly. Unexpectedly,fake blossom tree, she didn't even think about it, so she nodded and said, "Yes." 。