"What do you want?" Warning eyes a sweep, if she is not happy, really can throw regardless, and, even if she left, he Yanzixuan those roots will appear immediately. -cat-cat-cat dividing line -cat + + cat + cat Huamanlou Rhythmic drums, shaking bells, twisting waists, flowing eyes, enchanting blood-colored red lotus, calling one after another, this is Huamanlou after a few days of silence. The two fixed between, now empty, swallow Xuan in recovery, perhaps more important things, and the more I heard swallow also a few days did not come, the capital, in the end or the capital, looking at the benefactor greedy eyes, obscene smile, woman's delicate laughter, everything is in a festive atmosphere, estimated that all the people here, the capital is like a sailing boat on the sea before the storm, Enjoying the peace on the eve of death. Pushing open the door quietly, he reclined on the couch in a red shirt. Today, he was dressed in a bright red dress embroidered with mandala, enchanting and eerie. His hair was still half-pulled down on his shoulders. A silver ribbon was tied at the end of his hair. He held a knife in his jade-like white hand and a small piece of wood in his other hand. He was concentrating on carving something. Perhaps because he was too focused or tired, fine beads of sweat oozed from his smooth forehead, his eyebrows were tightly twisted because of the movements on his hands, and there were some small pieces hanging on his slender eyelashes. With a blink of an eye, the pieces fell quietly on his bright red robe. The tightly closed lips slightly raised, forming a beautiful range, coupled with his beautiful face,D BHB Factory, from a distance, there was a comfort and tranquility she had never seen before, like the moon in the water, which could not withstand the slightest disturbance. Quietly closing the door, she leaned against the door and looked at him with her arms folded. He frowned slightly, breathed shallowly, pouted discontentedly, filed hard, and outlined carefully. Every move naturally revealed the temperament of peerless youth. How could all this be a beautiful word, a peerless youth that could be described. The goblins are so beautiful that they are not like human fireworks, but they fall into the world of mortals. Perhaps only in this age can we meet them. At that moment, she suddenly became selfish. If the master could let her go, could she take him away? This bold idea suddenly came out, she was startled, she actually wanted to take him? God! Is she crazy? The master said that if she had any nostalgia, she would stop here forever. "Cough." She coughed lightly and motioned, "Goblin, S Adenosyl Methionine ,Nonoxynol 9 Factory, your sister is coming.". Hearing the prompt, the person on the couch really stopped his movements and looked up at her. The beautiful eyes were filled with bright stars in an instant, and the corners of his mouth were raised with an attractive smile. Pulling a cold breath, Manglietia laughed. "Leprechaun, what are you doing?" "Nothing." He shook his head hurriedly and hid it behind his back. I've seen it all. What are you hiding? Show it to me. Sitting down next to him, she reached out to grab it. "No, it's a gift." Tuck it hard behind his back, and he won't show it to her. "For whom?" "I won't tell you." "Forget it." Disappointedly, she released his hand, leaned back, and lay on the couch with a big thorn, staring at the smallpox with dull eyes. "Sister, are you unhappy today?" The snake-like soft body consciously clung to her, and she curled her mouth and said nothing. Of course I'm not happy! The son of a bitch with a scarlet face actually ran away and disappeared for me to play! Shit! As soon as his face turned white, he took a breath. "Sister, don't you hate him very much?"? Wouldn't it be better if he disappeared? Out of sight, out of mind. "So let go of that bastard, eat dry wipe clean, pat the buttocks to leave, what, there is no sense of responsibility, thanks to him also said what the leader of the magic religion.". Her teeth itch at the thought. "You want him to be responsible?" "Fart, he's not qualified to be responsible. It's not a pity for a man like him to die. It's not enough to take eight pieces apart to vent my hatred. It's better to cut off his small pieces and throw them to the dog before he dies." Someone's body suddenly stiffened, the slender fingers subconsciously extended to the crotch, fingertips a twist, the clothes pulled down, covering the key parts. "Oh, yes." Manglietia sat up, looked at him seriously, and said, "What are you going to do in the future? You won't stay in Huamanlou all the time, and the capital is not safe recently." Before she left, the only thing she couldn't let go of was him. "I have a plan. I'm going to follow my sister all the time." He curled his eyes and laughed. "Go!"! Let me tell you something. You can't always rely on this face for a living. Do you have any other specialties? In short, you can guarantee your life without being bullied by others. "I can sing and play the lute!" "You are silly, ah, just this life, ah, that if one day Huamanlou no longer, go to other brothels, those people are mean to you, see you are beautiful, jealous of you hate you, and then bully you, and finally find out that you are a man, you will be miserable, be sold to the duck house to sell meat every day, that is a pity ah, those men are queuing up." "Oh," he said, shaking his mouth, his eyes flashing, and taking her hand, "I'd better follow your sister. With you here, I'm not afraid! With a sudden tremor,Quercetin Dihydrate Manufacturer, she pulled her hand away and turned to look out of the window. "I came to tell you today that I will leave here in two months." "Where to go?" His shoulder was suddenly pulled back, and he asked in a dumb voice, without a smile on his face. 。 pioneer-biotech.com