Su Muyun side, has not received Tongfang wench or concubine, only Xu Yunru a wife, if Su Muyun has been in the capital, Xu Yunru is impossible to take the initiative to give Su Muyun concubine Tongfang wench. Chapter 2319 But now, Su Muyun to leave Beijing to take office, there is no one around to take care of him, Xu Yunru is really not at ease. However, she has a big belly, there is a paralyzed father-in-law at home to take care of, she is Su Muyun's wife, as the daughter-in-law of the Su family, she can not follow the past, she has to take the place of Su Muyun filial piety at home. She thought about it, and finally listened to the proposal of the big servant girl around her, decided to arrange two servant girls to accompany Su Muyun to take office, let the servant girl take good care of her husband instead of her. But now, the elder sister and the third sister keep saying that older women are better at taking care of people. Xu Yunru thought about it and felt that the words of the elder sister and the third sister were reasonable. The age of the servant girl, in the end is a little younger, in the head of taking care of people, no woman has experience, so Xu Yunru changed her mind again, said, "just in time, I have more dowry women, when the time comes, arrange two things to do safely and carefully follow the husband in the past, I can rest assured at home." If you really arrange for two servant girls to go over, I'm afraid. Thinking of this, Xu Yunru glanced at the servant girl who was concentrating on serving the tea, then picked up the teacup and took a sip. After the twins woke up, Su Huaining and his wife took their leave and went home. And they stayed in the Su family for a day,Thyroid Powder Factory, from beginning to end, did not say to visit Su Bond, only after they left, Su Huaiying to visit Aunt Xu, only in a hurry to see Su Bond. Su Bond was deliberately ignored by Su Huaiyu of Su Huaining, and his angry eyes stared, but paralyzed, he could only stare, and could no longer throw things, beat people and curse people as before. So now he's just a paper tiger, no, not even a paper tiger,Sex Enhancement Powder, but a sick cat, and he can't do anything. Su Bond was so angry that Su Huaining didn't care. Su Huaining and his wife went back to Duan's house directly. When they got home, Hong Huafu hadn't come back yet. Su Huaining said to Duan Xuting, "It's evening and it's getting dark. Send a group of guards to pick it up." Duan Xuting hum, ordered the boy to go to the escort, and then called out the thunder and lightning, sent a few dark guards in the past. However, as soon as the guards went out, they greeted Hong Huafu at the door. And Hong Huafu also brought a big news to Su Huaining and Duan Xuting. Duan Xuting stood up in surprise. "Is the news reliable?" Hong Huafu: "That's what the fourth prince said. The fourth prince entered the palace today. When I came back, I came out of the palace. When I came back, the fourth prince told me. Let me tell you." Ming Zehao and Duan Wufeng led the army, with He Zhang and hundreds of other rebellious captives, were blocked by heavy snow, blocked hundreds of kilometers away. But in the afternoon, the emperor received a secret letter from Ming Zehao, saying that He Zhang had been murdered and died. Such an important person, did not wait for the emperor to see, did not wait for the emperor to personally interrogate, died on the way, which made the emperor very angry. When the four princes entered the palace today, they got the news from the emperor's mouth. Then they hurried out of the palace and went directly to the Hong family. They told the news to Hong Zhixiao, the Marquis of Anle. So many people, Heme Iron Polypeptide ,Berberine Hydrochloride Factory, guarding a person, unexpectedly still can let a person be killed secretly. Duan Xuting's clenched fist rattled. Su Huaining immediately responded, "is there a spy in the army?" "Well, and this man's position cannot be low." Chapter 2320 Two people dialogue, is to use the sound, Hong Huafu can not hear, Hong Huafu words have been passed to Duan Xuting, then got up and returned to their own yard. Duan Xuting and Su Huaining also returned to Shuiyuan. In the evening, two people embrace each other on the bed, thinking about He Zhang, how can not sleep, Su Huaining way, "this spy, also do not know is in Duan Jiajun, or in Ming Zehao's army, also do not know father and Ming Zehao can find out this spy?" The emperor wants the person, was assassinated, Ming Zehao and Duan Wufeng this time must be anxious, will be the first time to investigate the murderer. In thousands of horses, the assassination of He Zhang, the other side can not not reveal a little bit of the horse's feet, as long as the horse's feet, even a little bit of clues, absolutely can not escape the eyes of Ming Zehao and Duan Wufeng. Duan Xuting said, "Even if we find out who it is, I'm afraid it's too late at this time." After a pause, Duan Xuting said again, "The emperor has long suspected that he Zhang's rebellion may have something to do with the people on this side of the capital, but all this is the emperor's guess, and there is no real evidence, so the emperor secretly gave Ming Zehao and Duan Wufeng a secret order to let them capture he Zhang alive, intending to take him to the capital, and then interrogate him slowly, who ever thought that on the way, He Zhang was killed to silence him. "Since the other side is silencing, how can it leave another one alive?" Duan Xuting's guess is right, at this moment, hundreds of miles away, Ming Zehao and Duan Wufeng did investigate the murderer, but when they looked for the past, the murderer committed suicide, died, and the clues were broken. Su Huaining curled his lips and said, "He Zhang is whose man, no one knows. However, if he Zhang succeeded in rebellion and reached the capital and avoided the emperor, then he Zhang could not sit on the throne. The civil and military officials of Nanfeng would not allow him to ascend the throne unless he Zhang killed all the ministers. However, to do so, for he Zhang, it is a self-destructive grave. Water can carry a boat." Can also capsize the boat, this truth, He Zhang will not understand, so, He Zhang will support a puppet for the emperor, and this puppet emperor, in the end is really a puppet, or behind-the-scenes planner, this is unknown, in short, this person, will definitely be the final beneficiary. Su Huaining guessed that this person behind the scenes must be one of several princes. The emperor has a total of nine princes, the second prince is not his own, has died, the third prince rebellion, also died. The rest, the prince and the four princes are brothers, the four princes most worship, in addition to Duan Xuting, is the prince,Thyroid Powder Factory, therefore, four princes is impossible to unite an outsider to seize the prince's rivers and mountains. So, there are five princes left.