But Dongshu at this time, but in the heart pondering, this room, and Miss Song or with Miss Song's number, what is the relationship? Moreover, as far as we know, there are two Miss Song. Which Miss Song? "Let's go into the room one by one." Dongshu and Corona are together, starting from 123. Because it is only a temporary rest room, there is only one wardrobe, then a bed, and a small bedside table. Everything else is available outside. But there is a digital watch on the bedside table. The digital watch seems to be broken, and the time is stuck at 5 o'clock. Dongshu has been in for two minutes, but the watch hasn't changed yet. This is broken, I asked the waiter, the waiter said, because near the water, so the life of the clock is very short, they simply do not change, just a decorative. Corona seemed to see Dongshu's doubts and explained in a low voice. Well, the next room. Dongshu thought about it and decided to look down. The next room has the same layout. No, no, no, all the rooms have the same layout. Corona had walked all over the place before, except for Miss Song's room 337, and she had walked the rest. Yes, watch it again. It's not that Dongshu doesn't believe in Corona, but she's afraid that if she ignores something, then they'll turn around in vain. Corona is no opinion, for Dongshu so cautious and careful,oil dropper bottle, tilted his head and said with a smile: "Follow, I think I can be very relieved." "But we are doomed to be enemies in the end." As a result, at the critical moment, Dongshu killed in a word. After chatting to death, Corona smiled awkwardly. But Dongshu has entered room 124. All the arrangements are exactly the same. Even the time on the decorated clock is the same, 5. I told you, it's all the same. I saw it before I confirmed it. Corona said she had looked at it very carefully. Dong Shu nodded, originally wanted to give up to go to the third room to see. However, do not see, always can not feel at ease. So, after thinking about it, it's over. Just as soon as she entered the room, Dongshu noticed the difference at first sight. Time. The time on the clock used for decoration is not the same as that in the first two rooms. The time in the third room, room 213, is 0 o'clock. The electron shows four zeros in a row, Foam Pump Bottles Wholesale ,cosmetic packaging wholesale, which is particularly obvious. The second time Corona looked at it, she didn't find any difference. Dong Shu can not help but worry about the alliance of two people. Such a small partner is really. However, there is another possibility. That's what Corona saw, but she held back. No matter what kind, Dongshu felt that after the room, or need to carefully look at their own say. The third room was no different. Then the two men went to the fourth room. The time of the fourth room and the fifth room is 8 o'clock. There are no clocks in the rooms from the sixth room. What does that mean? This makes Dongshu more vigilant, does it mean that this time is also some kind of hint. Dong Shu will rest the time here, the department turned around in the brain again. There are some clues, but there is one thing that needs to be confirmed. By the way, I would like to ask, is Miss Song Xinyue or Miss Song Yanyue living in Room 337? Miss Song has two, Dong Shu always feels, the number on her body, also have different meanings. Not just on the swimsuit side, but on the lounge side. So Dongshu asked the passing waiter. Hello, this is Miss Song Yanyue. The waiter answered very honestly. Corona looked confused beside her. Thank you. After hearing this, Dongshu nodded. If it is Song Yanyue, then the number is 7. Before the brain will have some rules in the rotation, now confirmed, the last number is 7, Dongshu almost, you can find the rules of this string of numbers. And the swimsuit side also has a general idea in mind. However, there are 18 numbers and 18 positions on the last dinner table. How many are allowed to eat dinner? "Let's go and see the others." After Dongshu thought about it, she pulled Corona up and went to the other side. Do you see anything? When Corona saw that Dongshu was no longer looking at this side, she could not help asking in a low voice. Well, for the time being, I think I have some clues, but I need to see something else. "Dongshu didn't say it explicitly.". In this copy, I need to be vigilant at all times, even if it is my ally. Because in the end, everyone will become the enemy. If you expose too much, you will have no chips. Seeing that Dongshu did not say anything, Corona curled her lips and said no more. The two men returned to the front parlor. Dong Shu looked at the table again. One chair at a time, one by one. The numbers are still the same, and they haven't changed. Dong Shu has now almost found out the rules of two sets of numbers. However, is not only two sets, or other places also have tips, Dongshu is really do not know. So we need to look for it again. Let's go to the kitchen. Dongshu thought about it and thought it would be better to look at it all over. Corona has no opinion. Now the players are in a hurry, sometimes to the front yard, sometimes to the backyard, no one is idle. At this point, everyone must want to leave the copy alive. Most of the road has been completed, the rest, who do not want to give up easily. So, compared to other copies, we may still be a little lazy, this copy, we are really fighting for our lives. Because everyone knows that if you don't fight,Glass Cosmestic Containers, you will die. Dongshu went to the kitchen, just in time to hear two little cooks chatting. It's two Western women. Hey, is it your birthday soon? One of the slightly fat women asked the thin one. Chapter 2525 dangerous games 59. penghuangbottle.com