Unable to hold back any longer, the tears in Fang Ying's eyes broke and the pearls rolled down her cheeks. She raised her head to the sky, her arms slightly open, and she kept shaking the ropeway: "Oh.." Heaven. Oh Heaven.. As soon as he gritted his teeth, Ziqianhao stood up and walked to the front of Fangji. He gently held her cool and smooth pair of soft Yi, and put Fang Ying's two small hands together in his palm. Low and soft, he said: Didn't you also say that if one day I met someone who was really happy, I would tell you? Yes, I still want to tell you that the person I want is you! Clinging her cheek to the back of Ziqianhao's warm hand, Fang Ying's tears were like a spring, and she still trembled uncontrollably, choking constantly: "Purple.." Master. Thank you Want me, accept me.. You won't laugh.. I But ask for it. Did you? ZiQianHao ZhuangRong way: "No." She looked up with tears and a beautiful face like a pear flower with rain. Fang Ying was excited to be grateful. She patted and choked: "Purple Sect Leader." I can hardly believe.. It will be true, it will be true.. You are so.. Sublime, detached.. No group.. And I.. And so humble. Small. Master Zi, do you speak freely? You're not going to pity me, are you? Ziqianhao earnestly way: "Fang Ying, I have always liked you, since Mo Yu did not save you back when it is like this, really, I like you very much!" Fang Ying surprised pharynx track: "But-why don't you say-Ming?" Shaking his head,Amber Dropper Bottles, purple thousand way: "There are two reasons." Fang Ying said excitedly: "What is the reason?" Pity the hand to wipe away the tears for Fang Ying, Ziqianhao when the way: "First, I'm afraid you don't want to. You should know that I'm a fledgling in this respect. Besides, the reality of the situation and my self-esteem can't accommodate your possible refusal. Second, I have too many things to do. I've been fighting for a long time, and I can't spare any time.." Fang Ying, I have always thought that the matter of mutual affection between men and women needs a very long and quiet period of time to cultivate. Smiling with tears in her eyes, Fang Ying said softly: "Purple Sect Leader." You are the smartest fool in the world! Ziqianhao Road; "I've always been used to playing it safe." With a sob,Oil Dropper Bottle, Fang Ying laughed happily: "Actually, Purple Sect Leader, can't you see me." My hint to you? Ziqianhao laughed. "I can understand one or two things, but I'm not sure. I'm afraid I'm self-sentimental. Fang Ying, if that's the case, how can I make such a big joke?" Fang Ying said affectionately: "You should understand that you are not self-sentimental." Sanyi raised his eyebrows, purple thousand way: "Now I can be sure." Head down, Fang Ying timid way: "Purple Sect Leader." I'm a daughter, but this kind of thing is up to me. You shouldn't.. Won't you laugh at me for being too presumptuous and bold? Ziqianhao gently took her hand and kissed it, saying: "How?" wWw. xiAoshUotxt.cOm Dragon head eldest brother chapter 34 even double love tie up two knot t。 Xt-small.. Say 。 Tian/Tang Turning around, Ziqianhao walked briskly over and closed the door. He turned and held a chair close to Fang Ying. After sitting down, he said: "Fang Ying, to be honest, thanks to your perseverance and courage, otherwise, 30ml Dropper Bottle ,Frosted Glass Cosmetic Jars Wholesale, I'm afraid our feelings will only be buried in each other's hearts forever.." Dazed, Fang Ying asked: "Will it?" Nodded, purple qianhao primly way: You ought to know a little more about my character these days; I am a man of very high self-esteem, and I am more afraid of being unable to withstand any blow to my self-esteem, especially when I am absolutely conservative and shy about making love to a young girl; I am not afraid to go through life and death in thousands of miles of horses, not afraid to charge into battle in a hail of bullets, nor afraid to shed blood for the sake of loyalty and righteousness, but I feel shy about this kind of thing, Fang Ying, so if you do not understand the expression, I am afraid I dare not speak to you first, you do not know, if I miscalculate, I will feel humiliated to what extent! Fang Ying urgent way: "But you know I won't refuse." Smile, purple thousand Hao way: "How can I be sure before tonight?" Tears early dry, square floor toot small mouth way: "Purple Sect Leader, since you also have feelings for me, why do you send a knife, the smallest expression is not?"? You went out to fight for many days, and you didn't even look at me when you came back. Ziqianhao way: "When I came back, I really had something to discuss. In the afternoon, they were there again, but in the evening, it was not convenient to visit them. I was worried that they would sing about your embarrassment and the gossip of the brothers in the gang.." Besides, what do I talk about when I go to see you in the evening? Talk about the weather? On tactics? Isn't that boring? With a shy smile, Fang Ying said: "You are forcing me to say, Purple Sect Leader, you don't know, when I got the news of your return to the mountain.". How excited, how happy. Lowering her head gently, she added: "I've been sitting in front of the window all day, hoping for you to come, or your people to come, but there's been no shadow all day. I'm so anxious, so resentful, and so hateful. I thought you didn't put me on the stage at all. You didn't take me seriously at all. I'm so sad and regretful. I'm full of shame and indignation, full of shame.." At night, the wind and snow get heavier.. The more sorrowful and desperate my heart became, I thought, whatever the result, I must tell you my secret, whether you laugh at me or scold me, anyway, I always told you, and the greatest wish of my life was over. Her voice was a little hoarse again, and she went on: "I made up my mind long ago, and after I told you about it, I had nothing to worry about." I can really go. Taken aback,Glass Cream Jars, Ziqianhao asked urgently: "Where were you going then?" Low swallow, Fang Ying disappear fine way: "A place that will never be lonely and cold again." Shaking his head greatly, Ziqianhao said disapprovingly:. penghuangbottle.com