The Wuthering Club seems to have no attitude on this matter and has always been in a state of indifference. But in fact, the way the glorious professional club operates, this kind of thing, is that the captain has the right to speak, Tang Hao's attitude is equal to the club's solution to this matter. Unfortunately, this is the final result of Fang Rui. Tang Hao insisted on his inherent style and did not cater to Fang Rui's wretchedness at all. But Fang Rui unilaterally responded to the team's style with all his strength, and the effect was very poor, which led to his value could not be reflected to the greatest extent. Ture The weather is going to change. Cheng Siyan muttered to herself. Hooligans and thieves, Tang Sanda and Ghosts, after Fang Rui joined the team, roared out this partner, which was called a criminal combination, causing considerable concern. Although they ultimately failed to join hands in the finals, but at least Wuthering is a regular in the playoffs, the strength of any team can not be overlooked. But now, everything is over, Lin Jingyan left, Fang Rui is ready to go, and the style of the thief profession, it seems that it is not the appetite of Tang Hao these new people. Wuthering will probably not bring in new rogues, and will the criminal combination of hooligans and rogues end so quietly? Cheng Siyan also did not know,coltan ore processing, she still did not get the first-hand information of the parties, but at this time, her heart has begun to be sad. Although she knows that such a choice may be beneficial to the development of the Wuthering Team, it is difficult for emotionally invested fans to face the problem rationally. The crime combination is the symbol of the roar in their hearts, and now, breaking up this combination is like a hundred flowers without flowers and blood, the void without double ghosts, the blue rain without swords and curses,Portable gold trommel, which always makes people extremely uncomfortable. Why is this the result? Cheng Siyan did not ask the next battle of the ghost lair, she has been too lazy to write this content, she believes that this will have a lot of her colleagues to write, and at this time she is concerned about, just whistling team, she is ready to come to the door tomorrow morning to ask what happened. Who would have thought that the next morning, Cheng Siyan had not yet gone out when she received a phone call saying that there was major news. Cheng Siyan was surprised when the transfer was completed overnight, but what she heard was the news that Zhao Yang, a coastal player, announced his retirement. Chapter 1124 Weibo war. Zhao Yang, a professional player in the third season of the professional league, has attracted much attention since his debut, losing to Wang Jiexi in the competition for the best rookie of the season. But since this season, he has been selected as the All-Star line-ups for seven consecutive years, and is the undisputed first person to honor Qigong. This is the glory of Zhao Yang, tin beneficiation plant ,magnetic separator machine, but in his body, the more noticeable phenomenon is: seven years of All-Star, but seven years did not play a playoff. All-Star line-ups players, but did not enter the playoffs, look at the history of the entire league, and only Zhao Yang so one. Being selected as an All-Star for seven consecutive years proves Zhao Yang's strength; not entering the playoffs for seven consecutive years proves the strength of Linhai Team. Because of having an All-Star player, people are reluctant to label Linhai as a weak team. In fact, Linhai is far from the teams that often wander in the out zone. They are steadily wandering in the middle of the game, and they are always one foot away from the playoffs. Because of such an embarrassing situation, Zhao Yang was seduced by other teams, but he stayed. Leading Linhai to attack the playoffs again and again. Seven years of hard work, seven years of mediocre results, not on the middle ranking, Zhao Yang has been hanging for seven years, and now, he finally feels tired, tired, he did not change teams to make a new attempt, dry and crisp, recognized the failure, announced retirement. Zhao Yang's career has been ridiculed. Wang Jiexi, who made his debut in the third season with him, is, needless to say, the most successful professional player after Ye Xiu. Zhao Yang, a player who has not even played in the playoffs, is not comparable in many people's eyes. It is Yang Cong who is more willing to compare with Zhao Yang. The 301st captain, the league's top assassin, also turned pro in his third season. Unlike Wang Jiexi and Zhao Yang, Yang Cong did not show off at all at first. After continuous slow growth, he was finally recognized by people. Growing up with him was the team of the 301st. This team gathered a group of players who, like Yang Cong, were not too dazzling, but had solid basic skills and steadily improved step by step. They lack talent, but they always make up for it with hard work. They are not a big club, or even a strong team, but they can often make the playoffs and make trouble for any top team. In contrast, Zhao Yang, whose talent is more expected by people, has never doubted his strength since his first season, but he has never been able to help the team make a breakthrough. And the Linhai team is also quite weak in management. They have triggered all the problems that a club can encounter in terms of financial crisis and personnel disputes. It is also very strong that they have not been disbanded all the way. But now that Zhao Yang is leaving, the team will no longer have any expectations. Even if they still have an all-star role to build, Qigong Shihai is immeasurable, but with the chaotic operation of Linhai, the all-star role is probably not enough to attract superior players to join. Zhao Yang was relatively calm at the press conference announcing his retirement, and his career was full of embarrassment, and there was really nothing worth remembering. In the end,coltan ore processing, even Zhao Yang himself could only summarize his seven-year career with "at least I came and worked hard". Then there are such formalized things as the thanks and blessings of the Linhai Team to Zhao Yang. Another good player has left, but like his career, his departure has resulted in a rather mediocre response. Because his retirement has little impact on the form of the league. What people are most concerned about is always the pattern of competing for the championship. Linhai Team has never been one of them. Their weakening will probably only make those teams that aim to avoid relegation breathe a sigh of relief.