Waving the heavy and huge double-edged axe in his hand, the patriarch grandpa opened his mouth majestically: "We dwarves are born warriors, so.." From today on, I will teach you all the fighting skills that a soldier should master. In the near future.. It's up to you to protect the dwarves! Glancing majestically for a week, the patriarch continued to say, "We dwarves don't have lazy children, and we don't have children who can't bear hardships. I won't say much about anything else. I have only one request, that is, we can't go out of the village without learning some skills. No one is allowed to go out without my permission!" Yes! Dozens of children roared in unison, and every child was excited to be able to get in touch with and learn the skills of soldiers. When they become a real soldier, they can go out of the village and see the colorful world outside! With a wooden axe specially made for children in my hand, I studied with my dwarf grandfather attentively. All day long, except for eating, we were all learning the axe method! Although the wooden axe is far less heavy than the iron axe, it is still too heavy for us teenagers, especially after a day of wielding the axe, the pain is unbearable! When I returned to the hut built for me by the dwarves in the evening, my arms were all swollen, and the biting pain hit me like a wave. Recalling the other children's appearance as if nothing had happened, I finally confirmed that the reason why dwarves are born to be warriors is also related to their physique, which can not be achieved by external exercise alone. However I will not admit defeat. There is no word in my dictionary. I have never lost to anyone on the earth before. How can I admit defeat at this time? Lying in bed, I recalled over and over again, recalling everything that Grandpa, the patriarch, taught us, but. I've been thinking about it for half a night, but I haven't thought about the key point. Actually Dwarf axe, nothing more than chopping, its action is mostly commonly used in daily life after refining the action, and then to a reasonable collocation,Pallet rack supplier, play is completely overbearing power! But Is this kind of martial arts really great? Recalling the book I bought on the earth, if I compare it with my judgment, the difference between the two is a million miles! Hundred battles knife method also pays attention to strength, pays attention to chopping, but. Unlike the blind chop of the Dwarf Axe, the Hundred Battle Knife pays more attention to the choice of stress points! Dwarf axe method has no skill to speak of, it is entirely dependent on powerful forces, all the enemy's counterattacks are split back, is a typical method of fighting against the strong! But the rule is completely different, pay more attention to the scientific force, rationality,Warehouse storage racks, consistency, with the shortest route, the simplest attack, play their most powerful attack, but also attack in the enemy's strongest, but also weak point! There is no stab, no sweep, and all attacks can be summed up in one word-chop! Different angles, different directions, continuous knife, one knife after another, no defense, no retreat, no interruption, has been cutting down, splitting down, with powerful force, accurate, scientific, reasonable, coherent splitting out each knife, heavy duty warehouse rack ,Drive in racking system, splitting in the enemy's most uncomfortable, most difficult position, this is the hundred battle knife method! In front of the fast playback of today's patriarch grandfather's side chop, although I certainly can not follow, but. As long as he found the most uncomfortable point, and then quickly and accurately hit that point, the patriarch grandfather's axe will be unsuccessful! Someone once said, give me a fulcrum, I can tilt the whole earth, this is no exaggeration, but. It is impossible to give him such a fulcrum, even if there is such a fulcrum, it is impossible to have such a long lever, but the principle he said is absolutely correct, this principle is the principle of lever. As long as you find that point, even with a very small force, you can make tens of millions of pounds of attack without attack, after scientific education, I know clearly that brute force alone is absolutely impossible, four or two sets of kilograms is absolutely not a myth! Baizhan swordsmanship is not a swordsmanship that only pays attention to skill and science, but does not pay attention to strength, but both go hand in hand, equally important, that is, to have strong strength, but also to have a smart and keen mind, both are indispensable! Thinking of the excitement, I couldn't lie down any longer, so I went down to the ground, picked up the axe beside the bed, and practiced it according to the atlas and pithy formula of Baizhan Dao Fa! For a moment. The room is full of howling wind! Ten minutes later, I sat back on the bed lonely, no. That kind of knife skill is not a heavy, clumsy axe can be used, only a suitable knife, can thoroughly play the characteristics of a hundred battles knife skill! Hundred battles knife method not only applies to all qualities of people to the extreme, such as strength, agility, intelligence, reaction, judgment.. But also the application of the knife to the extreme, each part of the blade has its unique function, many skills are based on the special structure of the knife to display, now this short and clumsy axe, is absolutely not suitable! Lying in bed disappointed, it seems. I have to have my own knife, but. The dwarves have an unwritten rule that the dwarves will never make any weapons for their people, because that is the greatest insult to the dwarves, that is to say. If I want a knife I like, then I have only one way, that is to practice my arm strength as soon as possible, and when I have enough strength, I will build my ideal knife for myself! Lying in bed, looking up at the green roof, I am only ten years old now, in human terms, still a child, there is still a long way to grow up! But I want to grow up as soon as possible, at least in strength, I know. In this world, nothing can be done without power, even out of the door, power is what I desire most now! Recalling the scene when I was in college, the school basketball team at that time, in order to increase the physical strength of the players, specially sewed sand vest and sand leg guard,pipe cantilever rack, as well as sand elbow guard for everyone, then.. Can I get a suit to wear, too. omracking.com