There was a vague guess in his mind, but he was afraid that it was an empty joy. At this time, the mobile phone he held in his hand shook, and the screen that had gone out lit up again. He looked down and saw a news feed on the screen. Xu Kuo stared at the news and his whole body froze. That's — that's — A big news in 2011! He paid attention to the news for a period of time, so he still has some impression. So, he went back seven years after he died? If this is true-seven years, seven years he can change a lot of things, for example, he can prevent his sister from meeting Zhou Jiayuan. Thinking of this, Xu Kuo was extremely excited. In 2011, when he was fifteen years old, it was the second year that Xu Zhenghui brought him to the Xu family. She is twenty-one, at the age of youth. He wants to see her. Now. Xu Kuo jumped out of bed, put on his slippers and ran out of the room and rushed downstairs. On the first floor, the huge living room is decorated luxuriously and chic, and the European style is very atmospheric. There is a white piano in the corner of the living room. A handsome man with a gentle temperament is sitting in front of the piano. The notes jump on his fingertips, and the melodious tune flows from his fingers like water. Young master, it's time for dinner. Aunt Chen's words fell,Narrow aisle rack, and Xu Nianqing's movements stopped. Where is Xiao Kuo? He asked in a gentle voice. Just as Aunt Chen wanted to say that the young master had not come down yet, she heard the sound of coming downstairs. It should be the young master coming, Aunt Chen thought. Xu Kuo, dressed in pajamas and with messy black hair, rushed to Aunt Chen. He was thinking of Xu Zhi, so he didn't notice Xu Nianqing in front of the piano. Aunt Chen, where is my sister? Xu Kuo asked eagerly. What Aunt Chen was confused by the question. Xu Kuo is urgent,Pallet rack beams, ask again: "My elder sister, Xu Zhi!" Aunt Chen looked embarrassed, and she cast a look at Xu Nianqing for help. Xu Nianqing stood up from his chair. He was tall and tall, a full head taller than Xu Kuo. Haven't you woken up yet? He chuckled. "You only have a brother. Where's your sister?" Only then did Xu Kuo notice Xu Nianqing. Seeing Xu Nianqing's appearance, Xu Kuo's pupils shrank. This is Zhou Jiayuan? What's he doing here? Could it be that Zhou Jiayuan and his sister knew each other long ago? No, it's not the same. It's not the same. It doesn't have the same temperament, and it doesn't look exactly the same. You- "Xu Kuo you after a long pause.". Xu Nianqing looked at him with a worried face. Xiao Kuo, what's the matter with you? "You are Xu Nianqing?" Yes, Xu Nianqing, the man I love most in my sister's life. But didn't he die in 2009? "Yes, I am." He came over and rubbed his head and said in a gentle voice, "Stop it. Haven't you brushed your teeth yet?"? Brush your teeth quickly and wait until you're ready for dinner. Xu Kuo was stunned in place. The early morning sunshine came in and fell on the man's hair and shoulders, heavy duty racking system ,long span shelving, and the golden brilliance made him more warm and soft. All this is so real and so dreamy. What is certain is that he was reborn at the age of fifteen, but there was no sister here, and Xu Nianqing did not die. Chapter 62: If Xu Kuo is reborn (2). Xu Kuo spent three years looking for Xu Zhi, but looking for a person in the vast sea of people is like looking for a needle in a haystack, which is simply impossible. The most important thing is that he is not sure if there is her in the world. In a previous life, Xu Zhenghui married Jiang Liu after his wife Gu Ru died, but here Gu Ru did not die, and Xu Zhenghui did not know a woman named Jiang Liu. Three years ago, he was glad that he could be reborn. Three years later, when he thought that there might be no her in the world, he began to hate the daily life. On the eve of the Chinese New Year in 2014, Xu Kuo, who was about to give up, finally got the news of Xu Zhi. He is found through Jiang Liu, looking for Xu Zhi can not find him to find Jiang Liu, Jiang Liu is Xu Zhi's birth mother, find her also found Xu Zhi. To his surprise, Jiang Liu married He Dongyan in this world and gave birth to a daughter named He Zhi. A family of three lives in a quiet town surrounded by mountains in S City. He Dongyan and Jiang Liu are both middle school teachers in the town. Although not sure that he Zhi is Xu Zhi, but Xu Kuo is definitely going to the town to find out. On the day he got the news, he simply tidied up and went out of the door and went straight to the town. You can imagine how nervous he was along the way. The winter in S city is very cold, and today it is even colder because of the snow and wind. Not long after, the ground, trees and roofs were covered with snow, and as far as the eye could see, there was a vast expanse of whiteness. Xu Kuo sat in the back seat and looked out of the window at the snow. Young master, here we are. At two o'clock in the afternoon, the driver Xiaoding's voice sounded. Shall we go down now? Xiaoding asked again. Well, I'll go down alone, and you wait for me in the car. Xu Kuo pulled open the car door to get off. Remembering something, he asked Xiaoding, "Where did you put the things I bought?" "It's in the trunk. I'll take it out for you, young master!" Xiaoding said he was about to get off, and Xu Kuo stopped him. I'll take it myself. "Good." The car was warm with the heater on. As soon as he got out of the car, the cold air came to Xu Kuo's face. He shivered with cold and buried his face in the cashmere scarf. The trunk was filled with gifts he had brought to the He family. When he first came to the door, he had to take it seriously and try to make a good impression on them. Xu Kuo raised his lips with a smile and carried all the gift boxes in the trunk in his hand. At the end of the year, the young people who went out to work and study in the town all came back. The usually deserted streets were bustling. Pedestrians in thick down jackets were talking and laughing in the streets. The shops on the streets were crowded and prosperous. It was not affected by the bad weather, and even some children and adults made snowmen on the roadside. Xu Kuo's smiling eyes were curved, and even though he only showed half of his face, the girls passing by blushed when they saw him. After walking away, he couldn't help looking back at him, wondering how such a handsome boy could appear in a small town like theirs,Cantilever Storage rack, and wondering if he would be an Internet celebrity. The more the girls chatted, the more excited they became, and they all began to regret that they didn't dare to ask for contact information just now. He Dongyan's home is in a newly built community behind the street.