Following adding Kirara the nekomata into the game, Genshin Impact accounts number of non-human characters keeps growing.

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Genshin Impact's colorful cast of characters is among the most prominent feature of the game. As Genshin Impact happens in a fantasy world, there are lots of non-human characters. These give a little bit of special flare to the list of nations that comprise Hoyoverse's world.

Each nation has its own listing of non-human playable characters, covering only characters which are confirmed to become non-human based on lore or appearance. Some characters may have unique or special-looking outfits, but that does not confirm they're non-human.

Mondstadt's Non-Human Characters

Mondstadt, the very first nation players encounter hanging around, is based mostly in Germany with a few minor inspirations using their company's European countries. The city-state of Mondstadt is depicted as a typical medieval city in fantasy worlds. Despite being in line with the birthplace of famous fairy tales, Mondstadt itself does not have as many non-human characters because of the other nations to date. Even some characters surviving in Mondstadt aren't actually from Mondstadt, like Albedo and Klee.

Albedo: Homunculus/Synthetic human. He might be considered another kind of human, but Albedo was made by the alchemist Rhinedottir, and he isn't the only Albedo on Teyvat as hinted within the "Shadows Amidst Snowstorms" quest.

Diona: Katzlein Bloodline Descendant. She inherited cat ears along with a tail resembling calico cats.

Klee: Unknown elf species. Klee's elf ears are evident indicators and her life-span is presumably going to become similar to her mother Alice's who's around 500 years old.

Sucrose: Unknown part-animal species. She has animal ears, however, it currently isn't known what animal/species she corresponds to.

Venti: Wind spirit/God. Prior to becoming the Anemo Archon, Venti would be a small elemental spirit. As Barbatos, he adopted an identical look to his late friend, the Nameless Bard. Now he walks among Teyvat like a mortal vessel resembling the Nameless Bard.

Liyue's Non-Human Characters

Liyue's noticeably non-human characters would be the illuminated beasts/adept. The difference between your two terms is the fact that adept may be the umbrella term for those divine creatures or persons blessed with carefully selected presents or powers while illuminated beasts may be used to refer to the specific divine species. Many of Liyue's illuminated beasts take inspiration from creatures of Chinese mythology. It's suggested that adept can shapeshift into humans like Madame Ping or animal forms like Cloud Retainer (crane) and Moon Carver (deer).

Ganyu: Half-qilin, Half-Human. Ganyu's mother would be a qilin, which are Chinese creatures that are usually a mixture of a dragon, deer, or goat. Ganyu has two red horns protruding from her head. Like Qilins, Ganyu is really a vegetarian.

Qiqi: Zombie. Resurrected by the adept, Qiqi lives to be an emotionless, amnesiac undead because of adept magic.

Xiao: Adeptus (avian illuminated beast). The sole remaining Guardian Yaksha, Xiao is definitely an adept whose true form is supposedly a bird-illuminated beast according to his design and lore. His Yaksha alias "Alatus" means "winged." His true form was not revealed yet.

Yanfei: Half-xiezhi, Half-human. Similar to Ganyu being a half-illuminated beast, Yanfei's father is really a xiezhi, a mythical creature from Chinese mythology resembling an ox or goat. The xiezhi is really a symbol of justice in China, and fittingly Yanfei is really a lawyer. Yanfei has two white horns coming from her head plus some scales on her behalf body.

Zhongli: Adeptus/God. Zhongli in Genshin Impact is definitely an Adeptus who took great shape during his reign as Rex Lapis. According to an in-game book series referred to as Rex Incognito, together with his half-dragon, half-qilin form seen throughout the Liyue Archon Quest, Rex Lapis adopted different appearances both like a man and woman, however, roams the planet as his mortal vessel, Zhongli.

Inazuma's Non-Human Characters

As Inazuma is according to Japan, many of the non-human characters are according to Japanese folklore creatures, specifically the yokai. Yokai are referred to as supernatural spirits or entities in Japanese mythology, similar to the illuminated beasts in Liyue. Inazuma is stuffed with all kinds of them from playable characters to NPCs. Many of Inazuma's yokai assimilated into Inazuma's human society without issues, although they're acknowledged for their powers and talents.

Arataki Itto: Part-Oni. Based on the yokai from a similar name, Itto has red horns and fascinating strength much like ones. However, he doesn't bear a demon/ogre-like appearance, as he's a half-blood oni. He's extremely allergic to beans, that are used to defend against ones in Japanese folklore.

Gorou: Unique dog-like species. His dog ears along with a fluffy tail resemble the Shiba Inu breed of dog that's native to Japan.

Kirara: Nekomata. Kirara is really a cat-like yokai that has a couple of two-toned cat tails and actual paws for feet.

Kujou Sara: Tengu. She's based mostly on the Karasu-tengu, a crow spirit. Sara has black wings along with a bird mask. She was sufficiently strong to beat Itto, an oni, inside a duel and confiscate his vision.

Raiden Shogun/Ei: Puppet/God. The Shogun is really a puppet (essentially, an android) that resembles Ei, the Electro Archon. Ei's physical body doesn't exist anymore, but her consciousness is kept in her sword, the Musou Isshin, which is in possession of the Shogun. Ei herself may take control of the Shogun's body as her very own. Before just as one Archon, it's unknown if Ei was something apart from a human, but she was considered a Raijin (God of Lightning) throughout the Archon War.

Yae Miko: Kitsune. Like in Japanese folklore, kitsunes are fox spirits who're typically wise and mischievous, which are two traits that describe Miko. She also offers pink fox ears and during her Elemental Burst, her five fox tails appear. She also offers a long life span. In one cutscene, she was shown in her own fox form when she was younger and smaller.

Sumeru's Non-Human Characters

Sumeru may be the newest nation in genshin impact accounts for sale, but there are still lots of future updates to include new characters. Sumeru has got the fewest quantity of non-human characters out of the four current nations, and hopefully, HoYoverse can continue drawing inspiration from the cultures of Southern Asia, the Middle East, and Northern Africa to produce more unique and interesting characters.

Layla: Unknown elf species. Her pointed ears really are a clear indication.

Nahida: Avatar of Irminsul/God. Nahida has pointed ears, signifying she may be an elf. However, at the end of the Sumeru Archon Quest, it's revealed she is definitely an avatar of Irminsul, a branch in the tree that holds Teyvat's knowledge and memories.

Tighnari: Unique fox-like species. His design is in line with the fennec fox, which is found in Northern Africa around the Sahara Desert. He has long pointed ears along with a fluffy green tail.

Wanderer: Puppet. Although he currently resides in Sumeru, Wanderer would be a prototype in Inazuma for that Raiden Shogun to save and keep the Electro Gnosis but continues to be freed in duty.

Genshin Impact has become available on Mobile, PC, PS4, and PS5. A Switch version is in development.