Godfrey, First Elden Lord plays a vital role in Elden Ring Items as Hoarah Loux, Warrior before he took around the mantle bestowed upon him by Queen Marika.

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Amidst all of the fighting and adventuring, players will ultimately realize that Elden Ring does, actually, possess a story. Some of the game's lore is presented in advance and center through cutscenes and character dialogue however for a deeper knowledge of The Lands Between, players need to dig into item descriptions, and character quests, and explore all of the locations in From Software's massive RPG. It could be a daunting task but thankfully, content creators like VaatiVidya make a lot of it simple to digest.

Elden Ring's bosses are subjects of lore as the majority of them play important roles prior to the events of the game. One such key player is Godfrey, the very first Elden Lord. Godfrey's presence hanging around is not to become understated, nor should his alter ego, the powerful Hoarah Loux.

Godfrey Is A Recurring Foe In Elden Ring

The only mandatory Elden Ring boss that players need to fight more often than once, Godfrey first looks like a shade around the first trip to Leyndell, Royal Capital. This apparition of Godfrey doesn't speak but instead immediately jumps into combat the moment it sees an enemy. Using his massive axe and earth-shattering stomps, Godfrey can be difficult but is otherwise a stepping stone to Leyndell's chief guardian, Morgott the Omen King.

Godfrey's second appearance is really a two-phase boss battle in Leyndell, Ashen Capital where Morgott is accustomed to standing. In his first phase, Godfrey behaves very similarly to his shade counterpart for the reason that he primarily uses his huge two-handed axe and wide-reaching stomp attacks. Using the same tactics they used in the previous fight, players can very easily adjust toward the boss and take him right down to his second phase.

Godfrey's second form is unlike anything players have experienced. After killing what appears like a lion shade which was resting on his back, Godfrey gets to be more savage and adopts the Hoarah Loux, Warrior. This name change is along with a massive transfer of the boss's moveset. No longer equipped with an axe, Hoarah Loux takes any opportunity to grapple his enemies and bludgeon all of them with his fists. While he still employs his ground pounds, Hoarah Loux prefers close-range melee combat and moves using the strength and ferocity of the lion-like beast he just sacrificed.

Hoorah Loux Is Godfrey's True Nature

Looking deeper into Elden Ring's lore will disclose that it was not Godfrey that initially changed into Hoarah Loux however the other way around. Prior to his role as Queen Marika's first consort, Hoarah Loux would be a chieftain along with a fierce warrior. When he was chosen to be the very first Elden Lord, Hoarah Loux did my way through his capacity to control his bloodthirsty nature. He changed his name to Godfrey and took the Beast Regent Serosh on his back, which is the lion-like apparition players see accompanying Godfrey throughout the boss fight. In this manner, Godfrey could act a lot more like a lord in others' presence.

When players go back to the foot from the Erdtree within the destroyed Leyndell, they can find Godfrey expecting another audience with Marika and also the Elden Beast. He assumes that he is being called once more to become an Elden Lord—a title that was taken from him and passed onto Radagon.

Coming face to face using the Tarnished makes Godfrey understand that it isn't he who's being summoned, and the anger soon turns towards the player. He attacks all of them with everything he's, even going as far as to go back to his old self to best his opponents. And while he might succeed often, the persistence and skills of the Tarnished see him defeated.

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