There is a huge range of children's beds on the market these days, and choosing one that is ideal for your child's room can be a somewhat daunting process. In this article, we'll examine  bed and sofa showroom  the kind of style choices there are to be made when buying a bed of this kind.

Of course, you could simply go to a large bed shop. This kind of shops often offers a wide range of beds and you can quite frequently get a good price. But in terms of originality, they can sometimes be lacking somewhat because they have a limited range. They are nearly always well made but lack that certain unique charm that you may require in order to make your child's bedroom as inspiring and magical as you'd like it to be.

The alternative to the manufactured bed is to go to a bespoke manufacturer of children's beds and get a bed that truly matches the character of your child - or indeed the pre-existing decor of your child's room. When you have the option to have a bed built to exacting requirements, you suddenly have a whole world of bed design opportunities laid out before you.

When it comes to boys' children's beds, you might want to go for something classic like a sports car. The great thing about beds - especially those made out of wood - is that they are the kind of shape that can be turned into almost anything. And sports cars are a definite possibility, as are many other kinds of vehicles. If you are considering buying a bunk bed, it is often the case that this kind of bespoke maker of children's beds can build a suitable bed of the double-decker variety.

Talking of double-deckers, you might wish to have a big red double-decker bus as the fun disguise for your child's bed.

For girls, there are a huge range of options and the great thing about a custom bed builder is that you can have whatever you want to be built. This means you can ask your little boy or girl what they want for their room. If you let your child choose the bed design, you'll probably get a much more agreeable child who is happy to go to bed in their imaginary vehicle/object.