Are you facing QuickBooks error code 12029 and unable to decide what to do? Well, need not to worry, as today we will be discussing in-depth about the QuickBooks error code 12029, its fixation process, and also the causes. This error is usually seen when the QuickBooks fails to access the server. It might happen due to a timed-out request caused due to the internet latency or when QuickBooks is blocked by the firewall. The causes and fixes of the issue, will be discussed later in the post. 

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How to resolve the QuickBooks error 12029?

In order to resolve the QuickBooks error code 12029, the user can fix local computer and internet glitches and fix internal QuickBooks desktop issues. The steps involved in this are: 

  • The user is supposed to try updating the computer system. 

  • And then, update QuickBooks to the release. 

  • Check the internet latency to verify if there are any dropped internet packets. 

  • Also, the user needs to upgrade the internet explorer to 11.0 and set it as the default browser. 

  • The next step is to correct SSL settings and TLS 1.2 should be enabled. 

  • After that, Configure the internet firewall and internet security to allow QuickBooks connections. 

  • And to end the process, the user needs to reboot the system and try to update again. 

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