Air canada change fee policy is designed to provide passengers with flexibility and convenience when altering their travel plans. The specifics of the change fees can vary based on the type of fare purchased and the timing of the change request. For the most flexible options, passengers might consider booking with fares that allow for free changes, such as flexible or refundable fares. Generally, for less flexible or economy fares, changing a flight may incur a fee, which depends on the route, fare difference, and how close the change is made to the departure date. As part of their commitment to customer satisfaction, Air Canada periodically offers promotional periods during which change fees are waived, allowing passengers to adjust their plans without extra costs. Additionally, in response to unforeseen circumstances or global events, Air Canada may also offer more lenient change policies to accommodate affected travelers. It's advisable for passengers to review the specific terms and conditions of their fare and stay informed about any temporary policy adjustments for the most seamless travel experience.