How To Earn Reward on penposh!


1.Register : registration is free.

2. Become a member: As a member you are expected to buy a plan or a pro-package which will confirm you as a verified member for the reward system. To buy a package go to your account dashboard click membership and follow the instruction.

3.Verify your accunt: Verification of account is compusory as it helps us to know you and also fights frauds. when account is verified it shows a check out sign on your profile page. To verify your account go to dashboard page on the left hand side of your account you will see verify please follow the instructions given.

4.Invite your Friends to join: Inviting your friends to join the network helps you to facilitate work speed. It makes things easy for you as your friends could easily give you the needed"likes,share and follow or comments that you probably need for your success to abound.

5.Open a Payoneer account: Payoneer is an online payment platform like paypal. We use payoneer as one of our payment gateways because of its numerous advantage compare to many. Payoneer is a secured platform well encrypted online payment. We actually chose Payoneer because it renders services across the globe.

6. Cost per action : ( post=likes+share+comments+follower+refer): we have made it to be simple. the cost per post when you meet your 100 score points is $1 for any package respectively.

7. Targets : The Targets are easy. As you can see from above, everytime you make a new post you get 2 points,and when you like/comment on others post you also get 1 point, you get 1 points for each followers that follows you on the network And lastly, you get 3 points for person you refered to join penposh. When your total score points reaches 100 points which is combinations of likes, comments,shares/posts, follow and refered. You make some bucks as stated above. The incentive depends on your plan/package. That is(you need to create post, likes or react, comments, refer and have followers per month to attract your target every month.

See calculation : 7 points = 1 post/share/comment/reaction/follower/refered.

1 post = 2 points

1comment/Reaction = 1 point

1 points for following you.

3 points for refered member using your unique link.

If you add the points it gives you 7 points all together. You are required to make up to 100 points in order to get $1.

100 points= 1 dollar.

8. Payment: payment/withdrawals are made every end of the month. As soon as you calculate your network activities and you have made up to $50 then you can withdraw.Please, ensure that you have a Payoneer account. If you dont have a payoneer account, get registered for a free account here: we only pay via this platform.

9.Plan : There are nine (9) available types of plan for now. so you can choose the one you prefer when subscribing for your package.- we have the Pro,Glamour and Star will choose any one from the 9 plans. They have different prices and attracts different non monetary opportunities/incentives but same monetary rewards.

10.Disqualification: You can be disqualified when you try to play smart on people and the network and once that is done you will be deleted from the network for life. So do according to the layed down policies and be ready to smile to the bank for your labour.

11. Affilate link: you can use your affiliate link to invite your friends. To use this link go to your dashboard page on the left scrol find the link and start pasting it on any social media where your friends are. Using the affiliate link also attract some financial rewards of upto 40% if the person you introduce buys our pro-packages. But where the the person whom you introduce with your link didn't buy a pro-package, you won't get the 40% but you will get 3 points which will be added to your account immediately.

 Additional Infomation :

As a creator, you get paid for posting contents on the site as a result, converting likes, share and comments, refer and follower to real cash. Strategically employ yourself by using your data to post meaningful things that can affect mankind positively or just having fun making money. It works this way: if one registers, then make a post. A post is any influential write-up or video or picture that has the ability to influence followers to like your post,follow you and share your post. If the post hits the targets score points for the week/month "100 points" then you will be credited with 1$ and if you make upto $50 dollars in that month you can withdraw from your wallet. This means that your 100 points which is the combinations of likes, comments,shares, referral, follower, automatically converts to $1 respectively.Please note that the target of "100 points" is not a weekly thing or monthly only but can also be cycled in a day,this would make you to score points faster and hit your "$50" mark quickly and give access to withdraw. You have to continue to create until the end of the month when you can now request for withdrawal if your wallet balance hits $50. To hit your monthly target, it means you must ensure your task for the month are met. So anytime you reach $50 you make a withdrawal request from your page to admin and we will check the request and see if it tally's with what we have before payment is approved. The site is free to join but if members who intend to make some bucks would need to buy a plan"upgrade account" We have different types of plans but all of them attracts incentives.

Apart from earning financial reward when you buy a package/plan, you can use your package to boost your post/page or promote your business to a larger audience across penposh's network, unlock marketplace to sell your products, unlock your professional page for your business or profession, unlock jobs page where you can post jobs to your audience and unlock offer page so you offer your products or services to your audience. These page's activities also adds to your points as you make use of them.