So let’s talk about this panel. It’s a damn good panel. We’ll start by addressing the fact that it is color calibrated on arrival. You have the option to turn it off, but it really does seem pretty accurate. External Camera Screen

The brightness is a key feature with it being a high brightness monitor: 2200 nits. It’s not the brightest monitor in the world, but it’s more than enough to see in bright conditions. Again the glass is a little reflective, so sometimes it’s a matter of angle. But usually, it’s perfect. Speaking of glass. The 5.5-inch Camera Monitor remains pretty small, with bevels that are really respectable considering its size. Sometimes the bevels end up taking a considerable amount of space, making a five-inch monitor bigger than it needs to be. I think PortKeys did a great job on that front.


I want to accentuate once again the color accuracy of the screen. I’m not saying that it competes with Flanders scientific or anything, but out of the box, you get great colors. And if the colors don’t seem right to you, you can custom adjust the color settings on the monitor right there. I’m really happy to see a company give that kind of flexibility in calibrating your monitor. Over time you might end up needing this. With most monitors, they would become unusable because they only allow for basic changes.

You also have the ability to upload LUTs to your monitor using the included USB stick.


Now for the main reason why I love this monitor. I have been able to control all my cameras. Its like a universal remote. Being able to wireless control all the parameters from afar and from one place is a game-changer. My pocket 4k and my Komodo both have very low usability Screens. The P4k is great if you’re standing, but for anything handheld, it’s not great since it doesn’t move. The Komodo is only on top, so also not great.

However, being able to change almost everything i would anyway directly from the monitor and have all my monitor functions means I really don’t need the camera monitor anymore. I’m usually not too far from the camera, but we were at least 30m (line of sight) away and controlling the Blackmagic flawlessly. It’s very snappy and it responds well. Not to mention that wireless workflow means working with one less cable. it keeps my rig clean, and it makes me more flexible when shooting to have to care about one thing less.